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Manage all your media from a single system which includes flexible media planning, estimating and ordering applications, customizable order forms, robust reporting, and streamlined communications with other departments. Interfaces with other media systems and tight integration with accounting ensure that buys reconcile correctly.


  • Create media plans for all media types using interactive tools that generate flow charts as you design the plan.
  • Define the media plan template yourself to capture any type of information desired.
  • A spreadsheet-like interface enables you to enter proposed spend broken out by media-specific units and other details you can report on.
  • Use the copy feature to quickly and easily build plans using existing data.
  • Create client-facing flow charts, reports and dashboards based on the plan data.
  • Generate media authorization forms automatically.
  • Export plan data in standard formats
  • Track and compare actual media purchased and biled to plans using a variety of dashboards and reports.


  • Create orders automatically from approved media estimates or by copying existing orders.
  • Material due dates, production ad sizes, job numbers, and other key information are pulled from a centralized database in real-time and are tracked and shared with other departments.
  • Buy net or gross and populate rates and other key information based on vendor defaults and rate card or client contract records.
  • Customize media order forms using the flexible form generator and electronically deliver signed copies to multiple vendors and representatives with a single click.
  • The Newspaper ordering application is perfect for agencies that purchase in large volume. Special features allow you to create orders for newspaper inserts or direct mail programs and reconcile in bulk.
  • Magazine ordering is simple and easy while providing the ability to calculate special charges and add specific placement details.
  • Internet orders include CPM, CPC, and CPA rate types along with other standard features that allow you to create a comprehensive Internet order.
  • Out-of-Home ordering includes the ability to select from pre-defined types and has room for other specific placement details.
  • Broadcast ordering includes standard, calendar, and daily buy types that allow for flexible buying and billing based on your clients’ requests.
  • Quickly find existing orders by any field using the custom search tool.
  • Globally edit order details by selecting a campaign and editing all orders at the same time; revisions and cancellations are clearly tracked.
  • Reports and interactive calendars to help you review and track important information and upcoming due dates.


  • Integration with production adds another level of efficiency. Vendor/publication specifications and deadlines are readily available to production staff during the creative process based on media buys.
  • Global Edits allow any staff member to modify multiple orders at once and update headlines, material, job numbers, ad numbers and other information needed for material delivery.
  • Media Calendars allow you to view your entire media or traffic schedule in one versatile online application.
  • Share media calendars, media authorizations and other key information with clients electronically through the browser-based Client Portal.
  • Access a wide variety of media-related operational, management, and client analysis reports that assist in making important decisions.


  • Media Accounts Payable invoices can be routed and approved with Advantage. Accounting communicates electronically with media staff on invoices that have been received from vendors and their status. Approved invoices may be paid, and reconciliation for billing is automatic.


  • Use Advantage as a stand-alone media buying system or use other buying systems and integrate to consolidate estimate, order, financial, and management information into a single system.
  • StrataConnect, CoreConnect, and nFusion provide seamless integration with media orders and vouchers from Strata, CoreMedia, and Arbitron media buying systems. The unique ‘visual’ interface allows for corrections and approvals to be viewed before being processed.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Media Management:

"Media Management" is part of the Advantage line of products, developed by Advantage Software, Inc.