Is AMCI Manufacturing Execution System Extensions right for your business?

AMCI Manufacturing Execution System Extensions is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a AMCI Manufacturing Execution System Extensions demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare AMCI Manufacturing Execution System Extensions with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

AMCI Manufacturing Execution System

Extensions are precisely adapted to each company’s policies and procedures and completely adapted to each user’s automation needs. Use their highly developed appearance and functionality generate fast, consistent results with minimum training. Let us email you our demo!

  • AmexQuote - Inquiry tracking and multiple quantity break quotations of complex fabricated parts
  • AmexPrice - Automates mass price update/management of all or selected price elements / customers
  • AmexOrder - Selects proper quantity break pricing and order size discounts from AmexPrice tables
  • AmexPlan - Complete manufacturing plant scheduling with proposed order promise date capability
  • AmexCrm - Customer Relationship Management organizes contacts, emails, dialogs, orders, dies, etc.
  • AmexCerts - Chemical and mechanical certifications for material received/shipped, lot use, vendor perf.
  • AmexDies - Die, mold, tooling specifications, PPAP, purchasing, trials, tracking, invoicing
  • AmexInCo - Inventory/Order Cost/Qty by die/lot/location in categories of raw, scrap, WIP, and FG
  • AmexTips - Process engineering precisely specifies the process for each die, material, machine
  • AmexCpar - Corrective and preventative actions management and display at production terminals
  • AmexPrep - Predict production rates for proposed customer parts/dies/orders
  • AmexFab - Routings, rates, instructions, work orders, and performance tracking for each fabricated part
  • AmexRept - Specialized complex reports using your database tables and extended data tables
  • AmexPO - Purchasing with electronic requisition/approval/ordering, with outside processor ship/receive
  • AmexRecv - Receivers and reports include all needed specifications, certs, weights, documents
  • AmexCMA - Profitability and production rates for every order, die, customer, sales rep
  • AmexInvoice - Connects MES shipments data tables to your accounting system, plus analysis and reports
  • AmexCFO - Accounting system G/L, A/P, A/R, F/A, P/R, F/S integrated with current MES
  • AmexPress - Analyze press cycle times, pressures, temperatures for each shift, die, and order
  • Insight - Easily view selected orders, production entries, part prices, drawings, etc.
  • EDAS - Electronic Document Approval System for PO reqs, Sales Orders, etc.
  • TopView - Executive Information System for the latest scoreboard data and graphs
  • CycleTrack - Cycle Counting improves your current inventory control system, avoids annual physical

Cybant: contraction of cybernetic assistant, designating AMCI’s custom optimized workflow automation programs for quotations, pricing, order entry, production, scheduling, profit analysis, and accounting.

We listen to your needs, and then help you enhance your processes with the exact systems you need. Convert your spreadsheet and other databases into integrated, secure, multi-user cybants, proven effective at manufacturers since 1991.