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AdvancePro helps manage vendor relationships to ensure that greater choice, accuracy & efficiency exist when buying materials and products.

Single products can be assigned multiple vendors within AdvancePro, for better “comparison shopping.” On a per-vendor basis, preferred currency, payment terms, credit limit, taxes and preferred carrier can be assigned, as well as unlimited shipping and billing addresses. With one mouse-click, all products on back-order from a particular vendor can be viewed. Vendor-specific SKU’s can be assigned to products, so that buyer and seller can speak the same language.

If back-ordered products from different customer orders are available from one vendor, these products can be consolidated onto one vendor order, for more efficient order processing. Orders can be emailed to vendors directly from AdvancePro, or sent via EDI or XML.

To aid in vendor analysis, reports can prepared on vendor purchases, returns and on product sales per vendor.

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"Vendor Management" is part of the AdvancePro line of products, developed by AdvancePro Technologies.

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