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CIS Infinity

A multi‑module management system designed by Advanced Utility Systems for utilities companies.
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Advanced Utility Systems Corporation produces a flagship customer information and utility billing solution called “CIS Infinity”.

CIS Infinity® combines comprehensive functionality, a reliable technology base, and an industry-leading integration strategy to help utilities improve their revenue stream and provide first-rate customer service.

CIS Infinity advantages

  • Comprehensive functionality: CIS Infinity has unmatched functionality, which means you can automate repetitive tasks, put paper-based processes online, and improve your revenue stream, all without expensive customization.
  • Easy-to-use interface: CIS Infinity is easy to navigate and use. This makes training and user adoption faster and easier and ensures that your users will get the most value from our solution as soon as possible.
  • Minimal Programmer Involvement: CIS Infinity was designed from the outset to be easy-to-use for both the user and system administrator. Because Advanced avoids custom coding in favour of sophisticated configuration tools, implementation is faster, cheaper, and more reliable.

In addition to Advanced Utility Systems Corporation’s flagship product CIS Infinity, three additional products are available to be used in conjunction with CIS Infinity.

Popular Functionality Modules

Estimating CIS Infinity can be configured to offer different estimating procedures for each service. Bills, deposits and equalized billing can be estimated based on a user-defined…

Credit Ratings CIS Infinity tracks each individual’s credit rating using a credit point system. The credit rating system is easily configured and can be tied to transaction codes such…

Automatic Write Offs Additional features within the collections module include the ability to write-off accounts, add bankruptcies and send overdue accounts to a collections agency for follow-up.…

Payment Arrangements CIS Infinity allows payment arrangements to be tracked on an account. Arrangements can be made for a single payment for the overdue amount or for multiple payment…

Exemptions The Collections module within CIS Infinity allows a user to exempt specific customers from collections actions. Customers can be made exempt from all collection action or be…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of CIS Infinity

from utility power says…

it doesn’t allow user to tweak to necessary change that constantly happen. for example, a simple letter template tweak. where and how could one edit a letter template instead of having to correct each and every letter. we are suppose to be working smarter not harder.

The good: reporting.

The bad: the filters are too confusing when filtering.