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Employee badges with barcodes are printed in the program, then laminated. Employee badges are swiped through barcode readers connected to time clock PC’s. We have designed many different ways to do crews’ time and incentive programs (and job costing in the fields as well, if needed). We can help you with a ‘best way’ consult to get done what you want quickly and how you require it to be done. Our programmers are very experienced in Produce and all of its perishable variables.

The project / block and crew information can be programmed into each time clock PC so everyone clocking in and out on that PC are automatically assigned to that project / block and crew. Any number of time clock PC’s can be used to assign certain workers to specific projects and or crews. Older, slow DOS PC’s can be used for time clock entry PC’s.

Time clock PC’s can be attached to company networks and update directory to the main time clock files or they can be stand alone PC’s at remote locations and the files can be transferred weekly via modem or on a diskette. Employee messages can be entered to display when the employee swipes their badge.

Differential pay can be added to wages for each shift so night and graveyard shifts can be compensated differently automatically, Lunch hours can be deducted for all employees in certain crews for specified date ranges, so there is no need to log out and back in again for lunch breaks.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Time Clock and Time Tracking:

"Time Clock and Time Tracking" is part of the Produce Magic Software line of products, developed by Advanced Technology Marketing.