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Very detailed information is captured and stored in the various data files, for instance, 120 separate cost fields are stored in every line item and inventory lot. The storing of detailed information allows reports on almost anything.

Custom reports for specific needs can be created rapidly and very cost effectively.

Custom reports can also be written in crystal reports or similar report writing programs.

Detail and summary information can also be exported to spreadsheets and other programs.

Line items allow detailed profit and loss reports by vendor, contract, salesperson, department, broker, customer, ship to, etc.

The main data files all have over 100 indexes, which provides very fast reports and screen displays. Week end date and month end date fields provide instant displays and reports for a certain week or month. Lot summaries showing all costs and sales can be displayed or printed at any time.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Reporting:

"Reporting" is part of the Produce Magic Software line of products, developed by Advanced Technology Marketing.