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Product codes and descriptions are created from the seven sections in the product matrix, which makes them very uniform. Product codes are 26 characters long and are made up of seven or eight sections, which make them very flexible. The product matrix and product codes use a hierarchical format and are always consistent and uniform. The hierarchical format provides excellent reporting by product code or product groups.

When product codes are created or updated, the product code sections are combined to form the entire product code and the description sections are combined to create the entire in-house and customer product descriptions. The product matrix format makes it very easy and quick to change the product codes themselves or the in-house descriptions and/or customer descriptions for entire sections of the product codes, by just changing the description on one product matrix entry. Excellent lookup features and user-defined abbreviations make it so users never type more than a couple of characters to bring up a product code. It’s not unusual for 5% of the product codes to be used 95% of the time, so very short user abbreviations are extremely helpful in these cases.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Product Code and Bill of Materials:

"Product Code and Bill of Materials" is part of the Produce Magic Software line of products, developed by Advanced Technology Marketing.