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Produce Magic Software is Proprietary Produce-related Accounting/Inventory/Tracking Software for Growers, Farm/Crop Management, Packers/Repackers, Processors, Shippers, all Brokers, Import/Exporters, Floral, Organics, Fresh Cut, Consignment, Distribution Centers, etc. This software is designed for you in mind as Fast, Flexible, Ready-to-go or with quick, cost-effective customizing to fit your Produce Business exactly as you want it! (It is not a ‘canned software’ that you must do everything their way.) Give us your ‘wish lists’ as well, we want to simplify your processes by keeping it so simple (KISS principle) yet most effective for your success.

We are very experienced in hardware and software development as well as having a strong knowledge in the Produce Industry. You do not have to pay for any learning curves. We have a quick turn-around for customizing requests and are cost-efficient. Our “niche“ is for that Produce or Floral Company who wants things their way. You have become successful because of how you do your business. It is our job to make you happy, get the data/reports you want, and that we can easily and quickly customize it! Produce Magic Software is very “flexible“ so that you can get to the information you want and need quickly, and simply as possible. We do believe in “Keeping It So Simple”, our KISS principle.

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  • Produce Magic Software

    A full ERP system designed by Advanced Technology Marketing for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining and distribution/wholesale trade companies.

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