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Advanced Management Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Advanced Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) has been developing, supporting and marketing the Resort Management System for the vacation property management industry since 1984. Since the first installation in November of 1984, AMS have been committed to bringing the latest software enhancements to the industry and to providing our users with complete service and support. AdvancedCare is an excellent package of support services available to users of the Resort Management System.

AdvancedCare is priced based on the number of units you manage and the modules installed. Members are provided the following list of services: unlimited RMS support, software upgrades, discounts on additional PC licenses, support website, live online assistance, report generator assistance, hot tips e-mail, program development participation.

Product Lines

  • Resort Management System

    A multi-module management system designed by Advanced Management Systems for accommodations & food services companies.

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