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General Ledger is the heart of the ADS ProFund SeQueL (SeQueL) system. It puts the vital financial and budgetary management information you need right at your fingertips, and gives you powerful accounting capabilities designed to meet specific needs of non-profit organizations. Plus, the General Ledger module is delivered with a 4 user license of FRx Financial Reporting Desktop 6.0, the industry-defining financial statement report writing tool.

ProFund SeQueL General Ledger integrates with all account number-driven modules of the ProFund series. It maintains complete, cross-referencable audit trail of actual, budget and encumbrance transactions and can even track budget amendments. Inquiry screens display summary data for quick review of current or historical information and provide drill-down to transaction level detail. General Ledger acts as a powerful “tree trunk” for the system while allowing flexible access to the many “branches” including AP, PO, AR, Payroll, and Cash Tracker modules.

ProFund SeQueL General Ledger handles multiple funds with proper interfund distributions. The system automatically creates Due To/From entries, keeping each fund – as well as the entire ledger – in balance. Enhanced features include a user-defined account number structure and chart of accounts that allows for up to 50 characters. ADS ProFund SeQueL offers the flexibility to support the standards of FASB and GASB reporting and is GAAP compliant.

Designed for Non-Profit Needs

Non-profit organizations traditionally must adhere closely to budget and prefer strict control over transaction conditions. General Ledger provides user-defined levels of security over such conditions including exceeding available budget, outside current period, and outside current year. You determine how to warn, prohibit, or restrict users to protect the integrity of your accounts.

Flexible for the User

Data entry of ledger transactions/adjustments can be tedious for the user. ProFund SeQueL General Ledger includes a number of features to simplify such entry and reduce your redundant entry. Consider these circumstances and the functionality that addresses them.

Have a journal entry that recurs monthly? Set it up in Recurring Journals and General Ledger requires a single step to generate all recurring entries for the month.

Want to make an accrual entry for 3 months out? Many systems assume an accrual reversing date of the first of next month. In ProFund SeQueL, enter the journal entry, mark it as an Accrual Entry and choose your own accrual reversing date. You decide, not the software.

Did you enter and post a lengthy journal entry and wish you hadn’t? Simply flag an entry as a Reversing Entry and reference the transaction number of your mistaken entry. The system will reverse it for you.

Powerful Reporting

ProFund SeQueL General Ledger includes a number of standard reports to assist with maintaining control of finances. Users benefit from information in reports including: Chart of Accounts lists, Journal Entry lists and registers, Trial Balance, etc. Plus, the flexibility provided by the ProFund SeQueL Report Interface means you can modify standard reports to better suit your specific needs. Even greater flexibility comes from the FRx Financial Reporting tools that provide for all your financial statement reporting, including Statements of Activities and Statements of Revenues and Expenditures.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the ADS ProFund SeQueL line of products, developed by Advanced Data Systems.