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ADS ProFund SeQueL (SeQueL) Accounts Payable helps you maintain accurate information about the vendors with whom you do business, the money you owe, and the due dates/discounts that apply to your payables. You can predict your cash needs, establish better control over the payment of bills, and avoid late payments that can hurt your credit rating or injure relationships with vendors.

ProFund SeQueL Accounts Payable allows your organization to define vendor ID codes and other identifiers to best fit your needs. The software maintains essential vendor information and you can assign default distribution accounts to each vendor. Vendors can be added during the data entry process and one-time vendors are easily accommodated. Payments made to vendors can be posted to multiple boxes on the 1099, even within the same payable.

Designed for Non-Profit Needs

Accounts Payable properly handles multiple funds within the same organization, and does so automatically. Payables can be distributed to multiple funds, checks can be cut against multiple cash accounts, and the software creates the appropriate due to/from entries for you. Flexible payment selection and partial payment options allow you to choose payables for all funds or one particular fund.

Advanced Data Systems appreciates how important the Budget is to non-profit organizations. Accounts Payable provides automatic budget checking and account balance inquiry, both in Payable and Purchase Order entry. If a transaction will cause an over-budget condition, the software can warn or prohibit the transaction based upon your preference.

Flexible User Interface

The design and development of ADS ProFund SeQueL have been completed with great attention paid to the ease of data entry. Accounts Payable can be very data focused, so processing can be either keyboard-driven for those performing largely data entry, or mouse-driven for those completing more inquiry or oversight functions.

Accounts Payable also utilizes powerful system-wide “allocations” functionality. This involves creating expense distribution templates that can be created and applied in Payable or Purchase Order entry. An unlimited number of allocation templates are maintained and can be used with any vendor.

Powerful Reporting

There are a number of standard reports in Accounts Payable. You can benefit from the information presented in reports like Payables Edit list and register, Aged Open Items, Cash Requirements, Check register, Warrant/Manifest register, Vendor History and Payables Distribution. Plus, you can customize the output from those reports using the enhanced functionality of the Report Interface. The Report Interface allows you to sort, filter and select records based on any field or fields in the record that is referenced by a report. With this functionality, you can present your information in an unlimited number of formats, and save those selections for future use.

Additionally, you can output 1099 tax reporting for your vendors, and submit that information electronically using magnetic media reporting standards. ProFund SeQueL Accounts Payable allows you to continue processing in the new year, and to choose to produce 1099’s at your convenience. The software handles multiple 1099 years, multiple 1099 boxes for each vendor, and provides for a default 1099 box if you like.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the ADS ProFund SeQueL line of products, developed by Advanced Data Systems.