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ADX Outsourced EDI Services

A software system designed by ADX ‑ Advanced Data Exchange.
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ADX offers an easy, outsourced electronic data interchange (EDI) service that can be used with all of your customers, suppliers and trading partners. ADX is an inexpensive solution for small and mid-sized businesses – it meets your customers’ EDI requirements yet is easy to set up, use, and maintain.

A professional service, not software

There are good reasons why companies may not be using EDI today: EDI software is hard to use, expensive to maintain and better suited for big companies with big budgets. Many EDI service providers have complex pricing plans and inadequate support staff.

ADX is different. With ADX you get document exchange services without having to buy expensive and complicated software. You outsource EDI just like many companies outsource payroll: it’s an important job, but not something you want to manage yourself. Our Implementation and Support professionals advise you on EDI best practices, give you ready and accurate answers to questions, and assist you through the challenges of change management whenever your customer (or other trading partner) needs to do business differently.

ADX frees your valuable resources from having to manage the business and technology challenges associated with EDI and XML– we keep you focused on your core competence – running your business.

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