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Managed Services

You’ve got better things to do.

Who’s managing your integration operations? It doesn’t have to be you. Discover how partnering with a managed services integration provider cuts costs, strengthens data governance, and safeguards IT resources—all while providing a cutting-edge integration solution that exceeds the capabilities of today’s do-it-yourself integration solution models.

Center of Excellence

Go ahead—take advantage of our excellence.

When integrations are built inconsistently, a single department or line of business at a time, there is a high cost to be paid in terms of inefficiency and fragmentation of enterprise-wide issues such as data security, compliance, and governance. Liaison’s Center of Excellence combats these issues by pooling knowledgeable people, proven processes, and cutting-edge tools for economies of scale and deep integration expertise.

Continuous Compliance

There is more compliance red tape than ever before.

As data breaches grow increasingly sophisticated, government and industry are rushing to safeguard sensitive data against emerging threats. The result is a growing maze of regulatory red tape that is becoming increasingly difficult for enterprises to untangle. But you can reduce the impact of ever-increasing compliance complexity by choosing an integration provider that offers a continuously certified infrastructure for all your integration operations.

Unified Platform

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We’ve been conditioned to treat integration and data management as two different problems requiring two different toolboxes, but this model no longer serves the enterprise’s requirement for real-time insights. By combining integration and data management into one unified solution, enterprises not only solve the same business problems with less overhead, but also expand the number of business problems that can be practically addressed to include Big Data readiness, streaming data processing capabilities, greater operational efficiency, and more.

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Market Focus

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