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Adjutant Asset Management provides detailed tracking of all assets and serialized items in an organization. The true benefit and power behind Asset Management is its seamless integration with other Adjutant modules. In the distribution channel, when you receive a purchase order for a serialized item, Adjutant will automatically create an asset in the tracking system and designate its location, serial number, and receipt date. If the item is sold to a client, its owner and location is automatically updated and all work performed on the asset is tracked through integration with the Work Order Management module.

In manufacturing, the asset tracking system contains the Bill of Material of all serialized items made and the serial numbers of components used for that item. As in distribution, this links to Work Order Management to track all work performed on that item. Asset Management is also used to track pieces of equipment used as a resource in the organization. For example, a bulldozer may be purchased on a purchase order, received, and then used as a resource on tasks that require that piece of equipment. Asset Tracking tracks all of it and allows you to schedule preventive maintenance items for an asset that will keep it in tip-top shape (i.e. oil changes, inspections).

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Asset Management:

"Asset Management" is part of the Adjutant line of products, developed by ABIS.