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Founded in 1982, ABIS Consulting is a Houston based company, providing a multitude of information technology solutions to improve business processes and achieve optimum bottom line performance. Backed by more than twenty-five years of experience, numerous awards, and a staff of highly skilled employees, ABIS has built a reputation of professionalism, dependability, and reliability among many successful businesses in the Greater Houston Area.


ABIS consulting works with IT and business executives to define, manage, and successfully complete strategic IT projects that can be maintained by your IT staff in the future. Our managing consultants help you merge business and technology strategic planning, building IT into an even greater force in your organization. They also design and implement projects from beginning to end. Throughout the project, our systems engineers blend with your organization, serving as an invaluable addition to your staff.

Information Technology Management

Forward-thinking companies are merging business and IT strategic planning. ABIS Consulting works with IT and business executives to align business and IT initiatives, making IT more responsive to shifts in business priorities. Together with ABIS Consulting, organizations can:

  • Align business and IT strategies
  • Measure IT return on investment
  • Evaluate business processes
  • Budget facility, hardware, software and support costs
  • Assess impact of technology on business

Information Technology Project Management

The way in which a project is managed can determine its success or failure. ABIS consultants plan, design and manage resources for and implementation of IT projects from start to finish. Knowing that clients need their projects to be finished on time and on budget, ABIS consultants: Develop and manage projects. Use proven milestone-based methodology to deliver results. Plan personnel, hardware and software resources. Identify and resolve project issues. Plan and manage system roll-out. Plan and implement knowledge transfer.

Systems Development and Deployment

IT managers are backed by well trained and skilled staff. But there are times when a manager turns to an outside source for personnel with specific technical knowledge. ABIS project managers draw from a staff of systems engineers to deploy and complete strategic IT projects. Blending in with your staff, our certified systems engineers are able to: Architect network and application plans; Establish security measures; Set configurations; Build and test pilot systems, including hardware and software; Convert systems and data; Develop recovery plans; Train personnel to maintain systems independently.


Adjutant provides a range of business software solutions, utilizing best practices and initiatives to achieve end-to-end automation. Developed on a foundation of business process automation tools, Adjutant combines Sales Force/CRM, Operational, Financial and industry specific solutions to optimize productivity and profitability.

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  • Adjutant

    A multi-module management system designed by ABIS for large enterprises.

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