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Notes and other transactions can be tracked on all cases and parties or persons. If you like an automatic timer can start the moment you select a new note. If you get another call, stop one timer and start a new one on the next call! Notes can be “cloned” to other transaction types, such as Time or Tasks (ToDos). Preset codes can automatically trigger other transaction codes. User defined rules allow you to determine what items are triggered for specific types of note or transaction entry. You can even customize you entry screen.


  • Virtually unlimited description
  • Preset transaction codes and shorthand codes
  • Codes can be restricted by case type or client (Code Groups)
  • Clone transactions to other types of transactions
  • Automatic Timer available
  • Spell Check available
  • Thesaurus available
  • Workflow triggers

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Notes and Transaction Tracking:

"Notes and Transaction Tracking" is part of the Perfect Practice line of products, developed by ADC Legal Systems.