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Create perfect documents every time! Docutrac® takes the information entered on the data sheets and puts that information directly into your documents. Intelligent document merging allows the program to make decisions based on the content of the data sheets. This allows conditional merging of different paragraphs dependant on any data field. For example, if you get a judge that requires specific language, the program can change the language anytime it sees that judge on a case. Merge data can come from the case or any of the persons associated with the case.

This feature lowers the knowledge level required of the operator. If the correct information has been entered, the document will be properly prepared. Pleadings, contracts and letters can all be selected with one mouse click. Letters can automatically have the envelopes prepared. Automatic time entries, notes and followups can also be attached to each document. You have to see it to believe it!

Features: * Merge with Microsoft Word® or WordPerfect® * Merge any information in the Case Management program * Decisions made based on the data entered * Decisions made on which documents to prepare based on who is associated with the case * Automatic transactions such as Notes, Tasks & Time entry * Preparation of envelopes with letters * Integration with Walz® for certified mailing

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Assembly:

"Document Assembly" is part of the Perfect Practice line of products, developed by ADC Legal Systems.