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Quick Features List

  • Built in library of over 100 reports in Report Manager.
  • Reports customizable in Custom Reporting Module.
  • Unlimited Companies, Employees, Pay Types, Taxes, Employer Liabilities, Deductions, Benefits, Time-off Accrual Types and Pay Groups for ultimate Flexibility.
  • Handles Tips, includes several Restaurant Payroll reports.
  • Handles pro-rated (blended) overtime.
  • Partners with Microsoft Office, exports data to Word and Excel.
  • Reconcile, and Data Removal Utilities.
  • New Hire Report.
  • Certified Payroll Report.
  • Built in ‘Pop-up’ reminders for Clients and Employees.
  • Multi-state Ready. Handles Federal and State Taxes for all 50 states.
  • User Defined fields.
  • Audit Log.
  • Workers Compensation accrual and reporting.
  • Service Bureau Setup with Logos, user control.
  • Automated Bureau Trust Account Management.
  • Packaging Instructions (QA checklist) report.
  • Bureau Trust Account Reconciliation.
  • Bureau Command Center for managing Remotes and batch payroll processing.
  • Batch Processing enabled, Calculate, Create Checks (Post), print reports, and print checks without intervention.
  • Bureau Report Manager for Bureau level Reporting.
  • CyberTax Bureau tax management, reporting and magnetic media module.
  • Bureau wide tax management.
  • Bureau wide ach manager.
  • Supports numerous EFTPS options.
  • Supports state tax payment using ACH.

Direct Deposit Manager

  • Direct Deposit Manager automatically creates multi-company batch filing for
  • Direct deposit by company range.
  • Can exclude companies from batches.
  • Can delete and recreate batches.
  • Option to make Bureau or Client originator of transactions.

Payroll Data Entry

*Define client specific Batch Data Entry screens for your customers using virtually unlimited Pay Groups, Reoccurring Employee Pay Data and selected Employee Sort Orders * Data Entry forms show your employee setup as you enter data * Functional Edit Results interface with optional preserve feature. * CyberPay Main Menu Hold individual Taxes, Deductions, and Benefits by employee by check. Also hold Direct Deposit, etc. Make holds one time, or permanent for one employee or all employees. * Preview Pay Run Register Prior to Processing * Unlimited separate checks per employee per pay run. * Unlimited Manual Check Entry. Generates pay stub along with payroll. * CyberPay Main Menu Time Card Data entry option. * Time Clock data imports available * Certified payroll entry * Split taxes feature allows any pay type to be taxed as if it was paid over multiple weeks * Multiple frequencies per company * Taxation frequencies can be changed on a one time or permanent basis * One time deduction adjustment in data entry screen * Edit Employee setup on-the-fly

Payroll Processing

  • High performance, full 64-bit processing
  • Client specific print order for pay checks
  • Select reports you want to print along with payroll. Determine report criteria, print order, frequency and quantity.
  • Produces a customizable Client Cover letter showing Cash Analysis for payroll, taxes, fees, Third Party payments, funding needed, etc.
  • Automatic, high-resolution Check signatures and Company Logos for client and Bureau checks and selected reports. Easily implemented with a copy and paste function.
  • Third Party Payments via client check or direct deposit. Includes option to group up to 12 Deductions and 12 Benefits for all employees on one payment. * * Detail shows on check stub.
  • Reverse or Undo pay run function. Also includes data recall function so that you do not have to re-key data.
  • Void Check Feature
  • Apply Auxiliary Taxes or employer liabilities to portions of pay. Handles most if not all complex local tax issues.
  • Define a “Max Net Check” register prior to processing warning

Payroll Process Control

  • One-time Deduction and Tax Adjustments
  • Print one check at a time or by batch
  • Reprint Checks by Range. Reprint reports at any time.
  • Check Accrue Deductions Without Pay Option
  • Negative net pay option
  • Also assign specific client accounts for Net Pay, Taxes, Fees, and Third Party Agencies.
  • Check stub messages by client and pay run.
  • Option to sweep total net pay from client to Bureau account, thus printing checks drawn on a Bureau Account.
  • Handy Edit Results interface with optional preserve feature.
  • Reverse Pay Run Feature

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