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To gain the competitive edge, an agency must effectively combine the collective efforts of many individuals to produce an advertising product that meets or exceeds expectations. Tracking employee time and how it was spent is crucial to this process. It empowers management with the ability to assess profitability, plan new work, and balance existing resources against current workload. The graphical calendar interface greatly simplifies individual time entry and resource management.

To encourage prompt and efficient time entry, the AMPs interface is easy to use and adapts to a variety of time entry procedures. AMPs accommodates time entry on a daily or a weekly basis. All entries are summarized on a monthly calendar. The graphical calendar interface is intuitive and seamlessly integrates with supporting weekly and daily time entry screens. A click of the mouse on any day or week on the calendar opens to the appropriate detail screen. The system visually highlights days and weeks with actual entries and provides totals by task for the day, week, and month.

For consistency and accuracy, an individual’s assigned tasks automatically appear on their daily time entry sheet. Other tasks can easily be added by selecting both the job and task to which time is to be charged. While the task description is provided as a default, each entry may be changed to carry a specific description of work performed. The entry is still tied to the original task, however, for management reporting purposes.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Time Entry:

"Time Entry" is part of the AMPs (Agency Media Production system) line of products, developed by Ad Systems.