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The placement and billing of media requires a great deal of planning and negotiation. Accurate and timely information is essential in estimating costs and acquiring desired print ad space and broadcast media spots. AMPs is designed to assist in the planning, budgeting, and reconciliation of advertising media purchases. AMPs provides for true co-op media billing. Taking negotiated client discounts into account, AMPs will appropriately bill multiple clients for a single media placement.

Media plans and estimates are managed through a graphical Gantt chart of the client’s media schedule. The 52 week chart displays and prints scheduled media activity for the entire year. This intuitive interface integrates seamlessly with detailed ad specifications for both print and broadcast media. Plans are designed to capture the client’s budget and its allocation among different mediums. Estimates provide detailed information about planned media purchases, including vendors and dates. To speed up the ordering process, insertion orders can be generated directly from the media estimate.

To simplify data entry, media detail screens are flexible and easy to use. AMPs distinguishes between print and broadcast ads to capture detailed specifications appropriate for each type of medium. Within each category, you can define as many types of media as required. For example, you may define Newspaper, Outdoor, Internet, etc. For broadcast media, multiple and repeated ad runs can be keyed in a single plan entry. Print ad entries are easily duplicated via the copy functionality. All media types are combined in the media estimate to provide a complete picture of the client’s media schedule.

Media billing is quick and efficient. Client invoices can be generated from media estimates, insertion orders, or actual vendor invoices. Media rates are managed through vendor contracts and contract analysis reports assist in booking and billing print space and broadcast times. AMPs also allows for the reconciliation of tear sheets to print ads and ‘make-goods’ to broadcast ads.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Media Buying:

"Media Buying" is part of the AMPs (Agency Media Production system) line of products, developed by Ad Systems.