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Each job involves countless steps and the collaboration of many different people and departments. The inability to track all aspects of a job and quickly assess its current state can cause delays and interrupts the workflow. AMPs delivers an on-line job jacket, providing accurate, timely, and complete information crucial to successful job completion.

From setup through performance to final billing, pertinent information about the job is entered and accessible through the on-line job jacket. Making all data available in one centralized location greatly simplifies the task of managing a job from start to finish. Throughout the job’s lifecycle, estimate, traffic, cost, resourcing, and billing information is tracked here. At a glance, the current state of a job can be assessed across all business units impacting its progress. Issues can be identified early - before they become problems. Other system components (e.g. A/R and time entry) are integrated seamlessly as they apply to jobs, providing complete and current information. Duplication is eliminated.

Your ability to estimate well has a direct impact on profit margins. AMPs lets you capitalize on industry knowledge and real-life job experiences by capturing valuable information and automating its reuse. The result is an improved job performance record and simplified job estimate creation.

Use acquired industry knowledge to identify a standard set of billable tasks for a given type of job. Similarly, you may generate proposals independent of any specific job or client. As new jobs are created, their estimates can be based on this data. Finally, and most importantly, previous estimates and completed job activity may also be used to generate new cost estimates or proposals.

Timely assessment of job costs is essential to cost control. In addition to vendor costs and time charges, AMPs tracks in-house costs at the job level as well. Often these costs are completely overlooked, especially as they relate to jobs, making it virtually impossible to plan and improve job implementation processes. This is an invaluable tool for planning and tracking complete cost information.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Jacket:

"Job Jacket" is part of the AMPs (Agency Media Production system) line of products, developed by Ad Systems.