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Satisfied clients are the mark of a successful agency and the key to agency growth. The ability to access and report accurate, timely, and complete information about client accounts is essential to client satisfaction. AMPs lets you manage complete client profiles from within one module and gain quick and easy access to all pertinent information concerning individual clients.

The AMPs client module brings all essential elements of account management together. Here you can maintain client-specific information as well as monitor on-going client activity. Client address and billing information is entered and administered here. Current client jobs, related time entries, and A/R invoices are presented as well. While it originates elsewhere, client activity data is available in concise summary format with seamless drill-down capability to associated detail. You have immediate access to pertinent, up-to-the-minute account information, all with the click of a mouse. Data is never duplicated and is always current. The easy-to-use tab interface allows for smooth navigation among screens. With all the information at your fingertips, responding to client inquiries is a snap.

No two clients’ needs are the same. Often the administrative details are overlooked and can become particularly burdensome over time. For instance, it is not unusual for clients to negotiate special task and commission rates for their projects. Likewise, taxes may vary from client to client due to state, regional or even international laws. Taking this into account, the AMPs application provides flexibility to accommodate specific client requirements without the burden of unnecessary data entry. System-wide defaults are established and can be overridden or extended at lower levels.

For example, you can easily customize the imposed tax structure at the client and task levels. Override or extend the default tax structure by choosing any number of applicable tax rates to suit any and all requirements. Multi-client jobs are another example. When jobs are performed for more than one client, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage billings. AMPs lets you distribute charges by assigning percentage allocations to individual clients on a job. The information specified is carried forward to the A/R module for efficient and unassisted integration at invoicing time.

The ability to easily monitor all client activity ensures accurate assessment of progress and timely reaction to possible problems. The AMPs system is designed to capture and provide current information, keeping both the client and agency management apprised of on-going activities. Concise summaries provide activity overview. Supporting detail is directly accessible with transparent migration to other modules when appropriate. You are in complete control of the level and composition of the data you are monitoring. Client activity and profitability information can be collapsed or expanded to different organizational levels by entering client - parent relationships.

Other Applications

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"Client Profile" is part of the AMPs (Agency Media Production system) line of products, developed by Ad Systems.