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An accounting software system designed by Ad Systems for marketing companies.
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AMPs highlights:

  • AMPs was written specifically to address the needs of advertising agencies, public relations firms and in-house agencies.
  • Built-in flexibility allows for easy user-customization of AMPs to address the needs of a wide variety of businesses.
  • AMPs was written specifically for use with Microsoft SQL Server, not ported from a previous smaller database (such as Access or Centura). AMPs was written for the Windows environment and allows seamless integration with other Windows products. For example, any report can be saved into one of 20 different formats including Excel or Access right from the reports window.
  • The Standard AMPS package contains fully integrated modules for handling Production Jobs, Estimating, Budgeting, Traffic, Billing, Media Buys, Time Entry, Billing, Reconciliation, Accounting, Sales Tax, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, General Ledger, Reporting among others. Standard integration modules allow for interfacing with various media buying packages.
  • User-definable security down to the field level allows for unlimited flexibility in securing sensitive information and workflow.

AMPs Messaging highlights:

  • Targeted delivery of messages to appropriate personal in response to system events. Some events are user-initiated (Change Order created for job) while others are system-initiated (Time Sheets missing after a certain period of time).
  • Specify “relative“ message recipients. For example, on the missing time sheet event, notify the person whose time sheet is missing and their manager.
  • Group and hold message for delivery by recipient to avoid inbox clutter. Messages for each user can be held and grouped for delivery at specific times.

AMPs Imaging highlights:

  • Images may be acquired from a scanner or digital camera or imported from graphic files.
  • Built-in storage, display and printing of a variety of image data. Examples include job samples, signed estimates and purchase orders, vendor invoices and signatures.
  • Automatic printing of ”backup“ (vendor invoices, signed estimates, etc.) with client invoices where necessary avoids having to photocopy items for clients.

Functionality Modules

Media Buying The placement and billing of media requires a great deal of planning and negotiation. Accurate and timely information is essential in estimating costs and acquiring desired…

Time Entry To gain the competitive edge, an agency must effectively combine the collective efforts of many individuals to produce an advertising product that meets or exceeds…

General Ledger The AMPs on-line General Ledger provides unprecedented control over agency books. It is within your power to design system financials around agency procedures by targeting…

Accounts Payable The accrual and payment of all agency debt is reconciled in one location for easy maintenance and control. As vendor invoices are received, individual amounts can be…

Accounts Receivable Once a job reaches the invoicing stage, most of the preparation has already been completed. All billing information for a job is collected and available for review and…

Job Jacket Each job involves countless steps and the collaboration of many different people and departments. The inability to track all aspects of a job and quickly assess its current…

Client Profile Satisfied clients are the mark of a successful agency and the key to agency growth. The ability to access and report accurate, timely, and complete information about client…

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