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Acumatica ERP

A web‑based ERP system designed by Acumatica.
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Acumatica is a cloud ERP system designed for the SMB market. Acumatica includes functionality for financial management, customer management, project accounting, distribution management, manufacturing management, field service management, and multi-channel order management.

Benefits of Acumatica include:

  • A centralized management system enabling the control of corporate data in a single system.
  • Flexibility to choose where the software is deployed—internally or by Acumatica as a SaaS offering.
  • Outside-the-office program access via any device supporting a modern web browser.
  • Improved visibility to reporting data through intuitive dashboards and customizable screens.
  • Extensibility to add custom capabilities through the Acumatica Framework for development of custom business applications.

Relative to other ERP systems, Acumatica is well-regarded for the flexibility it presents to end-user organizations. Acumatica can be purchased on a perpetual license basis (for internal or 3rd party hosting) or licensed as a hosted, SaaS solution. Acumatica also offers unlimited users in its licensing model, which is unusual for ERP applications. The Acumatica platform is optimized for Microsoft SQL server, but also presents the option for organizations to use alternate databases like Oracle or MySQL. Additionally, Acumatica’s Web Services API and development framework offer ample opportunities for end-users to extend program functionality.

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Acumatica Real World Evaluations

Wondering if Acumatica is right for your organization? To better understand if it is a fit for you, explore data detailing the functional requirements, anticipated spending ranges, and company attributes of 50 businesses who recently considered purchasing Acumatica.

Quick Facts Q&A

What functionality does Acumatica include?

Acumatica offers a wide range of ERP functionality including:

  • Financial Management: General ledger, consolidations, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, currency management, tax management, deferred revenue accounting, fixed assets, recurring revenue management.
  • Distribution Management: Inventory management, sales order management, purchase order management, requisition management.
  • Customer Management: Reporting and dashboards, sales automation, business intelligence, integrated marketing, service and support, self-service portal.
  • Project Accounting: Project cost tracking, advanced billing, time and expense.
  • Manufacturing Management: Bill of material and routings, production management, material requirements planning (MRP), product configurator, production management, estimating.
  • Field Service Management: Service contract management, warranty management, equipment maintenance, scheduling, dispatching, call center management, route planning, mobile support.

How much does Acumatica cost?

Pricing for Acumatica is dependent on a number of factors including deployment choice (in-house versus SaaS hosted), functionality, and selected support/services.

Based on recent activity, 70.3% of buyers who considered Acumatica had spending ranges in the tens of thousands of dollars range (USD) for their estimated total cost of ownership over a 3 year period. The median expected spending range for reviewers of Acumatica was $50k.

Customized pricing for Acumatica is available and additional Acumatica cost data can be found below.

What are the licensing options for Acumatica?

Acumatica offers flexible licensing that allows for either the purchase of a perpetual license (for internal hosting) or a software-as-a-service monthly fixed rate (software hosted by Acumatica).

Another unique factor for Acumatica licensing is that costs are not dependent on user count. Acumatica licenses include unlimited users.

Licensing costs for Acumatica are determined by which applications are selected for licensing. For organizations who choose the SaaS option and have Acumatica host the software, costs will also depend on how much computing power and data storage is provided by the selected hosting plan.

Who sells Acumatica?

Acumatica can be purchased directly through a network of licensed value-added resellers.

Certified resellers can provide licensing as well as additional services for consulting, support, and services.

What industries is Acumatica appropriate for?

Acumatica is designed for use by companies in a wide range of industries.

Based on recent review activity, Acumatica is most commonly considered by companies in the following industries: distribution, professional services, manufacturing, commercial & service, and non-profit.

For a detailed breakdown of buyer reviews by company industry, see below.

What size companies use Acumatica?

Acumatica is designed for organizations in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market.

Based on recent review activity, the median employee count for organizations who recently reviewed Acumatica as an option for a software acquisition was 50.

For more data pertaining to the target organizational size for Acumatica, see below.

Is Acumatica cloud-based?

Acumatica is a fully web-based application that uses a web browser for the user interface. As such Acumatica natively provides cloud access to users, whether purchased on a perpetual license basis and deployed on a corporate server or licensed as a SaaS offering hosted by Acumatica.

What kind of tech support is available for Acumatica?

Certified sellers of Acumatica offer a variety of services including implementation planning, training and support.

Additionally, Acumatica hosts a customer portal which provides access to product downloads, a searchable knowledge base, and product documentation. Also, Acumatica offers a premier support program option which provides online case management, chat support, and emergency after-hours support.

Can Acumatica be customized?

Yes. In addition to providing configuration tools within the software suite, Acumatica provides a web application development platform (Acumatica Framework) for the development of business applications.

What additional 3rd party software is available to augment Acumatica?

A variety of 3rd party add-on products have been designed to integrate with Acumatica and offer additional functionality. A list of add-on products can be found below.


Acumatica includes a broad offering of functionality typical of ERP programs including: financial management, customer management, project accounting, distribution management, manufacturing management, field service management, and multi-channel order management.

Functionality Support Note
Accounts Payable Yes Vendor prepayments; prepaid expense recognition; payment approvals workflow
Accounts Receivable Yes HTML, PDF, Excel invoice options; recurring billing support, contract templates; credit card processing; AR customer portal
Equipment Management Yes Equipment maintenance scheduling; location tracking; warranty management
Bank Reconciliation Yes Bank statement import; reconcile balances while adding bank charges, interest, and other transactions
Benefits Management No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Bill of Materials No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Billing Yes Recurring billing; multiple formats for invoicing; customer portal
Budgeting No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Business Intelligence No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Cash Flow Management Yes Cash account reporting; cash requirements prediction; cash account access control; unlimited currencies
Commissions Management Yes Commission calculation; AR commission tracking
Credit Card Processing Yes Accept PCI-compliant credit card payment; connect to bank processing center with included plug-ins
Customer Relationship Management Yes Customer reporting and dashboards; sales automation; marketing lead management and campaign performance tracking
eCommerce No Cash account reporting; cash requirements prediction; cash account access control; unlimited currencies
EDI No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Employee Records No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Estimating No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Field Service Management Yes Scheduling, dispatching, & call center; route management; contract management
Fixed Asset Tracking Yes Multiple depreciation methods; purchase order integration
Fund Accounting No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Fundraising Management No 3rd party add-on software available
General Ledger Yes Central repository for collecting and analyzing
Human Resources No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Inventory Control Yes Inventory sub-items; multiple valuation methods (standard, moving, FIFO); multiple warehouses; lot and serial tracking; transfers
Job Costing Yes Expense allocation; revenue recognition; budget tracking; link timesheets to specific projects
Manufacturing Execution System No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Material Requirements Planning No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Payroll Yes Pay groups for processing multiple period payments; earning codes; deductions and benefits
Point of Sale No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Project Management No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Purchasing Yes Automated purchase orders based on stock replenishment levels; multilevel approvals
Quotes Yes Sales quotes; quote-to-invoice conversion
Recruitment and Talent Management No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Sales Forecasting No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Sales Order Management Yes Flexible discounts & promotions; shipping integration; multiple & partial fulfillment; pick lists; RMA with reason codes
Time Tracking No 3rd party add-on software available
Warehouse Management (Advanced) No Acumatica certified 3rd party add-on software available
Work Order Management Yes Service scheduling, dispatching, and call center; job assignment


Acumatica is a common ERP choice by companies spanning a wide variety of industries.

Other Industries: Real Estate (4.4%), Health Care (4.2%), Education (3.0%), Software Development (3.0%), Software Development (3.0%), Finance & Insurance (1.5%), Natural Resources (1.2%).


Pricing for Acumatica depends on a variety of factors including: selected module suits, deployment preference (internal/SaaS), bandwidth/storage (SaaS only), and implementation and support requirements. Unlike many other ERP solutions, however, user count does not affect Acumatica pricing, as Acumatica licenses support unlimited users.

The following chart displays a breakdown of the estimated maximum spending range reported by recent software buyers who considered Acumatica for a purchase.

Target Organization Size

Acumatica is designed for use by organizations of varying company sizes. The median size of organizations who consider Acumatica is 50 employees, based on review activity.

Customizations and Add-ons

Acumatica offers numerous opportunities for customization of product functionality. Configuration options include the ability to set up input validation, screen customization (including theming), and user level personalization. The Acumatica Framework allows for development of custom business applications on the Acumatica platform. Additionally numerous add-on products have been designed for use in conjunction with Acumatica.

The following is a list of some of the most popular 3rd party add-on products designed to augment the functionality of Acumatica:

Product Developer Functionality
EBizCharge Century Business Solutions Credit card processing integration
AvidXchange AvidXchange Accounts payable
Electronic Funds Transfer for Accounts Payable SWK Technologies Accounts payable
UnForm Document Management SDSI Document management
Shopping Cart Elite Shopping Cart Elite Ecommerce
B2B Gateway B2B Gateway EDI
JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software JAAS Systems Manufacturing management
Kensium Magento Connector Kensium Solutions Ecommerce
Product Configurator Kensium Solutions Product configuration
FusionRMS Fusion Software Retail management
Spitfire Project Management System Spitfire Management Project management
Fusion Warehouse Management Fusion Software Warehouse management
CloudFYI FYISoft Financial reporting
InfinityHR Infinity Software Solutions Human resources
NETSTOCK NETSTOCK Inventory management
Edisoft Merchant Cloud Services EdiSoft EDI
Positive Pay for Accounts Payable SWK Technologies Positive pay
Imperium Integrated Business Systems Property management
Warehouse Management Solution RIC Group Warehouse management

Data Sources

The product information presented on this page is based on information provided by the developer and from previous software buyers who considered the software via Find Accounting Software referrals. Last update: 7/6/2017.

Popular Functionality Modules

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Accounts Payable The Accounts Payable (AP) Module allows companies to manage liabilities for purchased and received goods and services. The AP module helps you automate payment processing,…

Accounts Receivable The Accounts Receivable (AR) module allows companies to manage receivables and automate billing operations tasks. The AR module is used to enter customer invoices, send…

Purchasing Management The Purchasing Management module automates your supply chain and reduces the cost of acquiring materials. Acumatica automates the entire procurement process - vendor quotes,…

Requisition Management The Requisition Management module allows you to organize and simplify complex distribution processes involving multiple products and suppliers. The screens optimize the way…

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Reviews of Acumatica ERP

An Acumatica ERP user says…

We are just starting to implement it now. It seems like it has all of the flexibility we need as we are a unique organization. It has a not for profit, charity, insurance company, guarantee company and trust so we needed a lot of flexibility in the way that our transactions were reported.

from AME Corporation says…

Acumatica is ERP software that is able to manage all aspects of your business. Designed from the ground up to be truly cloud-based, provides a rich user environment and the speed of client-based solution.

The good: Their unique value is the licensing is not user based which allows unlimited users to gain access to the system. In addition, you have your choice of deployment; SaaS, Private Cloud, or Hosted Cloud.

The bad: Acumatica is a younger player in this marketplace. Some areas of the software are lacking. However, they are well funded and are making significant progress. They were at v1.2 when I purchased and we just installed v4.1. The product is getting more and more refined and continues to provide tangible value.

from Conceptual MindWorks, Inc. says…

The product is very powerful and does the majority of what you would expect from accounting software. The Project Module canned reports leave much to be desired. Once the product is in place and stabilized, it works really well. Our problems have been with upgrades to the newer version.

The good: Importing feature in Accts Receivable; emailing of invoice feature; running and posting of credit cards from within the AR module.

The bad: Upgrades have been horrible. Bank rec is in a weird format (it works, but it takes getting used to); the workflow is not totally intuitive.

An Acumatica ERP user says…

Flexible, easy to use, lots of options out of the box

The good: Easy access via internet and use on multiple devices. Lots of options

The bad: No personalized comment capability on invoices. No versions on revised PO’s or SO’s. Only provide credit card access via authorize.net would be nice if it connects to any company. Credit card number encoding should show first few digits as well (cant tell type of card)