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Acumatica ERP

A web‑based ERP system designed by Acumatica.
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Acumatica Cloud ERP provides all of the features of traditional accounting, financial, and ERP software, but is web-based so it is less expensive to maintain, centrally managed, and accessible from anywhere. Customers can purchase a license and install the software in-house or purchase an annual service (SaaS) and eliminate the need to manage software and servers. Acumatica allows customers to switch between SaaS and on-premise deployments as their business needs change.

Acumatica is web-based so users can work from any location and access real-time dashboards, reports, and screens that are customized to meet individual needs. Acumatica applications look and perform like desktop applications, yet they do not require IT knowledge, an IT infrastructure or client software to be installed.

Additionally, Acumatica is licensed for unlimited users, so companies can automate all their business processes, regardless of the physical location or organization, which is involved.

Acumatica Cloud ERP includes the Acumatica Financial Management Suite and the Acumatica Distribution Management Suite solutions.

Acumatica Financial Management Suite

This robust financial management solution provides accounting and financial information suited for mid-sized companies looking for a feature-rich solution that fits with their existing business processes. Businesses use it to manage financial data, create customer invoices, pay vendors, create financial reports, create business reports, manage cash and currencies, report taxes, prepare budgets, submit expenses, and more. It includes reporting tools, dashboards, workflow, and file management features to streamline business processes.

The Acumatica Financial Management Suite includes a core set of applications including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, currency management, deferred revenue, an employee portal for timesheets and expense reports, fixed assets (sold separately), and tax management modules. Each module includes reports, dashboards, and inquiry screens which can be customized using the Acumatica customization tools and report writer which are included with the software.

Acumatica Distribution Management Suite

This comprehensive distribution management solution easily handles the complexities of distribution, such as purchasing, ordering, tracking inventory, filing orders, and delivering customer support. Comprehensive capabilities include inventory control, order entry, and purchasing modules which are integrated with each other and also with the other Acumatica suites to deliver real-time measurements of profitability by warehouse, product line, location, and business unit. Integration with CRM ensures that your entire organization, from sales to support, has visibility into your distribution processes. Each module includes several reports and inquiry screens which can be customized using the Acumatica customization tools and report writer which are included with the software.

Operating Environment:

Client software:

  • None required - works with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome

On-Premise or Hosted Solution:

  • Server Software: Microsoft Windows Server
  • Database Software: Microsoft SQL Server (preferred)

SaaS Solution:

  • No server or database required - runs on Microsoft Azure, application managed by Acumatica

Popular Functionality Modules

General Ledger The General Ledger (GL) module provides a central repository for collecting and analyzing your financial information. Entries can be made directly into the GL or they can be…

Accounts Payable The Accounts Payable (AP) Module allows companies to manage liabilities for purchased and received goods and services. The AP module helps you automate payment processing,…

Accounts Receivable The Accounts Receivable (AR) module allows companies to manage receivables and automate billing operations tasks. The AR module is used to enter customer invoices, send…

Purchasing Management The Purchasing Management module automates your supply chain and reduces the cost of acquiring materials. Acumatica automates the entire procurement process - vendor quotes,…

Requisition Management The Requisition Management module allows you to organize and simplify complex distribution processes involving multiple products and suppliers. The screens optimize the way…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of Acumatica ERP

An Acumatica ERP user says…

We are just starting to implement it now. It seems like it has all of the flexibility we need as we are a unique organization. It has a not for profit, charity, insurance company, guarantee company and trust so we needed a lot of flexibility in the way that our transactions were reported.

from AME Corporation says…

Acumatica is ERP software that is able to manage all aspects of your business. Designed from the ground up to be truly cloud-based, provides a rich user environment and the speed of client-based solution.

The good: Their unique value is the licensing is not user based which allows unlimited users to gain access to the system. In addition, you have your choice of deployment; SaaS, Private Cloud, or Hosted Cloud.

The bad: Acumatica is a younger player in this marketplace. Some areas of the software are lacking. However, they are well funded and are making significant progress. They were at v1.2 when I purchased and we just installed v4.1. The product is getting more and more refined and continues to provide tangible value.

from Conceptual MindWorks, Inc. says…

The product is very powerful and does the majority of what you would expect from accounting software. The Project Module canned reports leave much to be desired. Once the product is in place and stabilized, it works really well. Our problems have been with upgrades to the newer version.

The good: Importing feature in Accts Receivable; emailing of invoice feature; running and posting of credit cards from within the AR module.

The bad: Upgrades have been horrible. Bank rec is in a weird format (it works, but it takes getting used to); the workflow is not totally intuitive.

An Acumatica ERP user says…

Flexible, easy to use, lots of options out of the box

The good: Easy access via internet and use on multiple devices. Lots of options

The bad: No personalized comment capability on invoices. No versions on revised PO’s or SO’s. Only provide credit card access via authorize.net would be nice if it connects to any company. Credit card number encoding should show first few digits as well (cant tell type of card)