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Acumatica is the first cloud ERP solution that gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere and deploy according to your business requirements. Acumatica is targeted to mid-sized businesses with complex financial needs and is well suited for companies with geographically dispersed users. Since Acumatica is web-based, companies can involve their entire organization as well as outside partners in process improvement without installing client software.

How Acumatica is Unique

Acumatica was designed for the web, so it looks like and performs like a desktop application but can be accessed from anywhere using only a browser.

  • Unlike traditional ERP and CRM systems, Acumatica requires no client software so it can be rapidly deployed, easily maintained, and accessed from anywhere.
  • Unlike pure SaaS solutions, Acumatica gives you the choice between SaaS and on-premise deployments so you are not locked in to a vendor datacenter. You can switch your deployment model as your requirements, regulations, and business needs change.

Value Proposition

The software is sold by server, so you can include everybody in your organization. Strict access controls provide roll-based access to specific accounts, subaccounts, customers, vendors, screens, and reports.

Visual, functional, and databases customizations can all be done over the web for individuals with proper authorization.

Acumatica is sold exclusively through value added resellers.

Product Lines

Market Focus

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