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A ticket or pass is just the first way your customers begin to experience your resort, park or attraction. ACTIVE Network integrates ticketing into the remaining POS solutions, providing an all-in-one commerce engine.

The ticket gets them to try your resort, park or attraction; other point of sale (POS) services complete the customer experience.

ACTIVE Network’s integrated POS solutions—such as retail, food and beverage and rental—reduce your business operation costs by centralizing administration and data, which makes taking care of your customers’ needs easier, no matter where they are.

Standard ACTIVE Network POS solutions include:

  • Retail sales and inventory management
  • Food and beverage
  • Rentals and inventory

Retail Sales and Inventory Management

ACTIVE Network’s versatile retail solution integrates point of sale, inventory management, and vendor/customer tracking through RTP|ONE, and easily configures to any size POS environment—from 1,000 to more than 1 million SKUs.

Scale it up or down to suit your retail needs. Our Retail Inventory solution is designed to run everything from a souvenir shop to an enterprise-wide retail operation. In addition to standard retail functionality, other highlights include:

  • Ability to sell retail products operation-wide
  • On-hand inventory tracking by store
  • Retail tools for purchasing, receiving, transfers and physical inventories
  • Reporting analysis on quantity-on-hand, COGS and sell-through
  • Vendor management including purchase history and discounts

Food and Beverage

From managing espresso stands to fine dining facilities, RTP|ONE’s Food and Beverage solution provides a single point of management and reporting for all of your bars and restaurants.

The RTP|ONE Food and Beverage solution is designed to capture and understand your customers’ food and beverage purchase decisions. This ultimately provides the insight resorts, parks and attractions need to offer the products that their customers want. Its efficiency and scalability are just part of the story: additional features like gift card and area-wide charge provide greater system flexibility and control. Expand your system with other useful food and beverage tools, including:

  • Dynamic menu designer
  • Check/order management
  • Integrated credit authorization
  • Gratuities and modifiers

Rental and Retail

Running a profitable rental shop can be tough. Customers go through a multi-step process to get the gear they need. Saving them time makes them happy and boosts your bottom line.

The more efficient you are throughout the process, the better the experience is for your customers. And a better experience translates to higher customer loyalty and higher profits.

With an integrated rental and retail system, you can streamline your business by connecting online and on-site rental reservations, including self-serve kiosks. Also link customer profiles and histories, manage labor costs and inventory, and analyze business performance with detailed financial reporting – all from one system.

Simply put, a more efficient and integrated system leads to higher yields and more satisfied customers, which puts more money in your pocket. Besides connecting the customer-facing rental functions of your operation, RTP|ONE’s rental and retail solutions also let you:

  • Create a single customer record to capture rental history, resort charges and retail purchases
  • Consolidate and integrate payment systems
  • Build flexible loyalty and discount programs
  • Manage multi-location inventory
  • Automate DIN calculations for quicker equipment set up

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Point of Sale:

"Point of Sale" is part of the RTP|ONE line of products, developed by ACTIVE Network.