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Extended Management Solutions

Looking to reach more customers, through more efficient online and third-party channels? Use our online, e-commerce and integrated third-party solutions, which are designed to optimize and extend your operations.

So you’ve decided you want to sell and distribute your products and services online or through third-party channels? Before you take the plunge, ask yourself these questions:

  • How many channels do you want distributing your products and services?
  • Do you want your electronic distribution channels to be fully integrated with your software system and website?
  • Do you have other third-party systems you want to connect to each other to be more efficient?

By using ACTIVE Network’s extended resort management solutions like RTP|Distribution Services, RTP|Kiosk and our e-commerce tool called ONE|Store, you’re giving your customers more choices and better outlets to buy the products you sell when they’re ready to buy.

RTP|One Itinerary

Package and sell all destination travel elements in one transaction.

Easily package and sell all travel elements – transportation, lodging, tickets, activities, rentals, lessons and more – in one transaction.

Using the RTP|One Itinerary turnkey solution, resorts and attraction operators can smartly package and sell all destination elements in one transaction, with:

  • Built-in access to numerous distribution partners
  • Direct access to RTP|ONE products, such as tickets, activities and more

Expected results

Destination venues using a system like RTP|One Itinerary are seeing these results:

  • 92% increase in th number of online reservations
  • 20% increase in reservation revenue
  • 20% decrease in agent hours

Out-of-the box solution

With RTP|One Itinerary, destination resort and attraction operators can bundle their own products — and those from multiple partners – flexibly managing discounts and other itinerary characteristics to maximize yield. It also greatly reduces the need for consumers to shop multiple websites and increases the likelihood of consumers booking all elements of their trip through the operator’s commerce engine, increasing top and bottom lines. There is no need to develop custom itinerary technology.

The solution offers

  • One-stop, one-itinerary, comprehensive shopping for consumers with access to transportation, lodging, tickets, activities, rentals, lessons and other products.
  • The ability to offer unique packages not available elsewhere.
  • Items typically not available for advance purchase, such as some private lessons.
  • The ability to more accurately manage yield on tickets, lodging and other items that have flexible pricing and inventory constraints.


Increase early ticket purchases and integrate with RTP|ONE in real time. With so much information available on travel sites and search engines, planning a trip and buying tickets can be confusing. Many customers therefore spend a great deal of time searching, comparing and waiting, rather than committing and purchasing. How do your customers know now is the time to buy?

An early commitment from a customer enables your business to better plan, both operationally and financially. The longer a customer waits to make the purchase, the more open you are to competition and fickle weather.

Use ACTIVE Yield to…

  • Create quantity-driven deals to drive early commitment
  • Utilize a calendar view to establish purchase confidence with your guest
  • Guarantee the best price
  • Integrate with RTP|ONE in real time—no coupon redemption, no reconciliation, no pre-arrival prep
  • Control your rates and inventory in real-time to meet demand and manage yield

With ACTIVE Yield, not only can you implement a successful yielding scheme to generate greater revenue, you can establish high confidence with your consumer on the purchase. Through a calendar view, consumers see all pricing and inventory available. When the first 25 tickets at $50 for June 1 are purchased, another 50 can be offered at $60. And as purchases occur, you can adapt both pricing and inventory to meet demand, thereby improving yield.

ACTIVE Yield is powered by Inntopia booking engine, and sets up quickly. It’s simple to configure and you only pay when you sell tickets.

RTP|Distribution Services (RTP|DS).

Selling products online and on-demand through third-party resellers and retail distribution channels makes sense. Virtually eliminating reconciliation paperwork makes good business sense.

Increasingly, resorts, parks and attractions are extending their presence through online travel agencies, wholesalers and retailers to drive increased sales. The problem? It is messy: often times your business’ system does not talk to the reseller’s system. RTP|DS allows these systems to talk to each other, virtually eliminating reconciliation paperwork, and making on-demand distribution channels simply better.

With RTP|DS, you can activate local distributors, such as the hotel or sporting goods shop down the street, or major online travel agencies, in as little as a day.

RTP|DS also reduces ticket lines by integrating ticket purchases for online travel agencies, wholesalers and retail ticket distribution outlets. By purchasing tickets before they arrive, customers avoid long ticket lines and go straight to the lift or activity.

Self-Service Kiosks

Help your customers avoid long lines at the ticket counter with strategically placed kiosks throughout your resort, park or attraction.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce overhead by selling products and fulfilling orders at strategically placed kiosks
  • Extend your brand - Remind customers about special deals and package pricing on your kiosk displays when they stroll by or step up to use them

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Extended Management Solutions:

"Extended Management Solutions" is part of the RTP|ONE line of products, developed by ACTIVE Network.