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RTP|Online E-commerce Suite

Drive revenue while extending profitability and system flexibility with eStore and bStore. ACTIVE Network’s e-commerce offerings include eStore and bStore applications.

Easy online shopping for customers and third-party sales are integrated into one financial, inventory management and master customer data management system with the RTP|Online e-commerce suite. The e-commerce solution from ACTIVE Network has two components:

  • bStore - a business-to-business store that allows third-party partners, such as retailers and online travel agencies, to easily sell tickets and passes, retail items and reserved services to customers.
  • bStore also offers back-end accounting and reconciliation functions
  • eStore - customers can quickly purchase items such as tickets and passes, rentals, reserved products and retail items by making a few simple clicks—all within a single shopping cart experience.

The RTP|Online suite uses the latest Web 2.0 technologies to improve the user experience. For example, customers can add items to and update their shopping cart, seeing real-time updates without having to reload Web pages, which leads to a faster checkout process with fewer clicks. Both products use Ajax, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and ASP .NET, which is faster than the traditional e-commerce technology that required transaction-slowing and time-intensive Web page refreshes and reloads.

Both eStore and bStore offer simple and intuitive navigation to expedite transactions. The RTP|Online suite also offers a stored value option for loading and reloading season passes, and it includes built-in support for Web analytics so you can track sales activity and performance.

A more flexible e-commerce solution and easier shopping experience translate to:

  • Increased e-commerce transactions and profitability, which save labor costs and improve financial and guest management tracking.
  • Enhanced ability to track special marketing promotions and easily measure ROI and third-party contribution.
  • More third-party partners selling products and services seamlessly driving new and incremental revenue.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with E-commerce:

"E-commerce" is part of the RTP|ONE line of products, developed by ACTIVE Network.