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RFID Access Control

What does it mean for the future of your operation? When RFID (radio frequency identification) is mentioned, no longer do you have to think about a retailer’s supply chain or that chip on the back of the last DVD you bought. In today’s active world of resorts, park and attractions, RFID ticketing and access control is synonymous with hands-free entry for visitors and a deeper understanding of who is visiting your operation.

How it works

Visitors purchase a ticket or pass and receive an RFID card, which is about the size of a credit card. When the visitor enters through an access point, a radio frequency gate will pick up a signal from the card without having the customer remove it from his or her pocket. If the visitor doesn’t have a card or holds an invalid one, the gate will not open. If the visitor has a valid ticket or pass, it will be automatically validated through the RTP|ONE software.

Benefits for resort, park and attraction operators

  • Automation of operations – A quicker flow of visitors through access points makes for shorter lines and smoother operations. Additionally, you can automatically manage who enters particular areas at specific times.
  • Better customer insight – By capturing complete visitor data and better understanding who your visitors are and how they spend, you can target products and marketing messages based on the data.
  • Increased revenue – By using data to better understand your business, you can find opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Decrease in fraud – With height detectors on gates and the ability to display photos, access can be blocked if there is evidence of fraud.

Benefits for park, resort and attraction customers

  • Shorter lines - RFID gates move visitors through access points more quickly.
  • Hands-free experience – RFID cards can stay in the pockets of visitors as scanning can take place through clothing.
  • Reusable tickets – As plans change and visitors what to add a day to a vacation or come back next year, value can be added to the RFID cards.

Bar Code Access Control

RTP|ONE supports both bar code and RFID technology, giving you complete control over your operations, and improves access to your terrain or attraction for your customers.

For many resorts, parks and attractions, bar code access control is still the preferred method for their operations. For bar code users, ACTIVE Network offers a complete range of products and services to help improve and streamline operations at the access or entry point to your property, including:

  • Gate access – reduces the need for multiple operators at entrance lines.
  • Handheld devices – ACTIVE Network supports multiple hand-held devices via the Microsoft Mobile Platform.
  • PC and Web access – validate the ticket or pass using a PC and Internet connection.
  • Access reporting – get up-to-date information about customers to help you operate efficiently
  • Complete integration with RTP|ONE

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Access Control:

"Access Control" is part of the RTP|ONE line of products, developed by ACTIVE Network.