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The Vision

In 1998, while developing a new software system for Vail Resorts, Inc., the founders of RTP|ONE created an entirely new, fully-integrated ticketing and POS software system from which the entire ski industry could benefit.

A decade later, the majority of top ski resorts in the U.S., Canada and Australia, along with signature park and attraction operators, use ACTIVE Network’s patented RTP|ONE enterprise technology to run their operations. Once the RTP|ONE commerce engine is installed, our resort, park and attractions partners quickly discover how much more efficient it is to operate a single, integrated system that controls everything from ticketing and pass sales and access control, to retail and rentals, food and beverage, and activity management.

After several generations of enhancements and upgrades since its debut in 2004, RTP|ONE provides business intelligence solutions to gather, organize and analyze important customer and operational data for making fact-based decisions. It easily integrates with third-party software, and to ACTIVE Network’s own Distribution Services (DS) software, for the ultimate in system flexibility and scalability. All of this is possible thanks to a Microsoft .NET Enterprise Framework that is designed to grow as your business grows.

Our integrated technology solutions increase your competitive advantage, help you manage your business more effectively and increase commerce activity by providing:

  • The most advanced ticketing and POS commerce solution available for resorts, parks and attractions (RTP|ONE)
  • Mobile apps that increase commerce, conversion and loyalty
  • Next-generation hands-free RFID access control, powered by SKIDATA
  • Third-party electronic ticket distribution services (RTP|DS)
  • Interactive marketing and website design services (RTP|Interactive)

Product Lines


    A multi-module management system designed by ACTIVE Network for accommodations & food services companies.

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