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Effective outreach is proactive, personal, and primed for ongoing responsiveness. In a busy congregation, the only way to do this is to be more organized and more efficient. ACS Visitation is a comprehensive and powerful contact management tool that helps you reach interested visitors and members in need quickly, directly, and proactively. Ideal for stewardship campaigns too.

Benefit Highlights

  • Assign callers or visitation teams for clear accountability.
  • Implement multi-step programs all at once.
  • Track responses for follow-up. The module works with the People module to create a full information file on each prospect, including when the record was entered and personal information.
  • Visitation records are kept by Family or Individual and allow for tracking of “Inward Visits” (visits to the church) and “Outward Visits“ (visits/outreach not held at the church) from the church to member/prospect, giving the module a multi-use function.
  • The user can design and print visitation cards to fit the needs of any group. Store card designs for fast access as needed and use different cards for visits to members and prospects. Examples of cards that may be considered would be: Evangelistic Outreach; Ministerial Visit; Hospital Visit. Print these cards at any time and in any combination.
  • You can design a ”response“ system so that the person visiting needs only to circle responses and not write lengthy details. This system streamlines the entry of information and makes the results easily searchable.
  • The module allows you to design an ”action“ program, with a sequence of events such as letter, phone call, and visit. Then you can assign dates for different actions (send letter this week, visit next week) so no steps are missed. Individual callers may also be assigned to particular actions. Print out action steps for dissemination to outreach visitor teams, ”shepherd“ program leaders, etc.

Prospects may be assigned to a Sunday School Group, have their contributions tracked and track their attendance in worship if you are using additional ACS modules. Searches can combine information from Visitation and other modules as well.

  • Update actions by groups for swift system updating. For example, mark ”letter sent“ for all visitors from a particular Sunday at one time.
  • Supports denominational outreach programs such as Evangelism Explosion (EE) and FAITH.
  • Supports and enhances stewardship programs, such as annual fund programs or special campaigns for buildings, endowments, etc.
  • There is no limit on the number of visits you can record.
  • All information is easily searched. The numerous print options, include reports, labels and cards. Links to Mail Merge and PhoneTree Plus.
  • And much more…

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