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The cornerstone of the ACS People Suite. The records you create here are used throughout ACS, so you only have to update information once. This module houses the database and stores the information that represents the many lives your organization touches. Prepare mailings using the fully integrated mail merge with Microsoft Word. Create activity groups for your committees, music programs, and athletic programs to track participation. All the information is right at your fingertips.

Benefit Highlights

  • Produce graphs giving you a breakdown of the individuals in your organization based upon a variety of criteria, including, but not limited to, graphing by active status, individuals by city, by gender, and by family position.
  • Support family deacon & shepherding programs. For example, many churches use Family Lists to assign a Deacon or Elder to shepherd each family.
  • Define fields to use your own terminology. ACS Solutions provides a number of user-definable fields that can be customized to the needs of your organization.
  • Allows virtually unlimited membership information on every individual. In addition to standard fields for addresses, phones, birthdays and so forth, there are dozens of user-defined fields, including date fields, so information is easily tailored to individual church needs.
  • Individual records are grouped by family. Last names and addresses are entered just once for the whole family to speed entry. Different, last names or addresses can be easily changed for an individual, while still maintaining family relationships.Labels print properly for households with different last names.
  • You have unlimited capacity for storing user-defined participation categories, such as skills, activities, committees, gifts, etc. Multi-level structure makes it easier and more reliable for you to retrieve the information you need for mailings, lists and so forth. Easily create or modify groups all at once, on-screen (e.g. makes setting up the choir a snap).
  • Quickly access records by first name, last name, or a combination.
  • Full picture capability stores individual and family pictures, which can be acquired from any TWAIN device or imported (including from digital pictorial directories). Pictures can be lightened, darkened resized, etc. within ACS to enhance display or printing.
  • Screens are easily tailored for denominational preferences for terminology as well as the type of information recorded.
  • Field set up is flexible, so denominational reporting needs can be met, while not limiting the local church on what additional information can be kept.
  • Help screens are provided throughout the software, including an online index of help topics. Add your own notes to the on-line help screens.
  • Across-the-system address changing makes address updating quick and easy.
  • Getting current directions to one’s house is easy through ACS Internet mapping.
  • There are numerous reporting options, including directories. Many customization options available on each report. Picture directories can also be printed from the People module.
  • Produces newsletter lists and labels, birthday lists and labels, index cards, Rolodex cards, custom labels and more. Bulk mail capabilities are built in. ACS fully supports CASS address verification and records ZIP + 4, delivery point bar codes, carrier route and line of travel bar codes. Zip code sorting is supported, plus bar coding and endorsement line printing on labels.
  • Aging automatically calculates on all date fields.
  • Keep unlimited phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses for each individual or household. Phone numbers and email addresses may be marked as unlisted. Built in mail-merge program for Microsoft Word for Windows. Create personalized letters or reminders quickly and easily. Store frequently used letters for fast updating. Bulk Merge from searches, or create individual letters.
  • Integrates with the PhoneTree Voice Messaging System.
  • And much more…

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