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Track your giving accurately, completely, and securely. Fast and easy to use, ACS Contributions manages and maintains all of your contribution information. It keeps you and your members informed of their giving records and histories, and can even track progress toward fulfilling a pledge.

Benefit Highlights

  • Allocate funds to particular needs or accounts, giving you the ability to track where all of your gifts are going.
  • Post gifts received from online donations and apply to a particular individual’s record. Also, set up scheduled bank drafts from a contributor’s account. Provide easy to understand contributor tax statements, and use statements guaranteed to work with ACS software that you can order from ACS at a better price.
  • Contributions may be posted to up to 9999 funds, such as building fund, mission fund, etc.
  • Pledges can also be recorded for each fund. Pledge periods can vary by individual and fund to meet your specific needs.
  • Giving plans are fully supported. This enables donors to earmark a percentage of their donation for a particular fund or project on an ongoing basis. For example, the donor may write one check, but opt to have 10% of each weekly donation go to support a missionary, with 90% going to the General Budget Fund.
  • All entries may be marked in conformity with IRS regulations regarding quid pro quo gifts (e.g. donating $50 for a $5 spaghetti dinner), non-cash gifts and non-deductible gifts. Charitable Tax Reports are easily printed for sending to donors at year-end to fulfill church reporting requirements.
  • Records may be kept for funds that have multi-year pledges.
  • Pledge amounts can be entered that are applied to past or future years.
  • Stores multi-year pledge and multi-year giving history.
  • Post contributions for any day of the week, even multiple gifts on a single day. A full audit trail for corrections is provided. Listings are provided to allow for correction of errors discovered after posting.
  • The Contributions module can be interfaced with the ACS General Ledger, so entries are made automatically. You decide when to post to the General Ledger. Various funds in Contributions can be directed to specific accounts in General Ledger, simplifying entry.
  • Reports and statements can be printed that both analyze the giving structure and total all contributions for specific time periods. History reports can be printed for the current or past years.
  • Contribution records may be kept individually or combined for a husband and wife.
  • The envelope reassignment program allows you to reassign envelope numbers and to print envelope labels prior to year-end. This allows the envelopes to be sent out while still working in the current year.
  • Contribution Statements, Contribution Mailers, Year End Tax Report forms and Pledge Cards can be printed using Contributions Reports or Statements and ACS Forms.
  • Quick look up can be printed.
  • High security allows only staff with the proper clearance to view giving information.
  • Works with the ACS Check Reader, which scans contributors’ checks and opens their respective giving records, for even more rapid entry.
  • And much more…

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"ACS Contributions" is part of the ACS People Suite Church Management Software line of products, developed by ACS Technologies.

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