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You’ll plan more effectively and minister more appropriately when you know who’s where and when. With ACS Attendance, you can organize classes to fit a basic education track or a multi-faceted discipleship program. Simplify the process of creating class rolls, absentee reports, marking sheets, grids, and enrollment forms. Get in the know, the easy way.

Benefit Highlights

  • Mark attendance for services, events, and programs fast, via keyboard or bar code scanners. ACS Attendance is streamlined to help you get data in quickly - searches and reports within ACS Attendance help you get information out quickly too, enabling you to analyze attendance summaries and trends.
  • Links to the People module so names do not have to be reentered.
  • Allows daily attendance marking capability. Mark more than one event daily if needed (e.g. multiple Sunday schools or worship services on one day; or, more than one day care or kindergarten program per day).
  • Choose different types of attendance markings: Sunday School or any “class” type marking; Worship Service marking; Committee or Activity Group marking.
  • Each person may have more than one record in each attendance group to accommodate those who teach or visit classes other than their normally assigned class. An option in Worship Attendance allows you to mark for Communion received.
  • Attendance records maintained by individual and by class or event. Attendance graphs and summaries for all events and groups are available to view or to print. View trends across multiple years if desired.
  • For Sunday Schools, classes or activities, you can mark attendance using name highlighting or bar code scanning. Fast entry allows you to mark the whole group present or absent, then mark exceptions.
  • Color-keyed on-screen inquiry program for attendance history by individual helps you quickly view summary information (attended any event) or specific results (attended particular Sunday School class).
  • Report absentees by date, range of dates, or date of last attendance. Quickly access date last attended by individual.
  • Design allows unlimited divisions, departments, and classes in Sunday School, as well as unlimited events and activities.
  • Attendance history files provide multi-year comparisons.
  • Special features and reports make promotion of classes easy. Promotion is done either by individual or by class.
  • And much more….

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"ACS Attendance" is part of the ACS People Suite Church Management Software line of products, developed by ACS Technologies.

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