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Effectively manage your outgoing bills and incoming payments. With ACS Accounts Receivable, you can create unlimited revenue centers and connect income to specific accounts. Unlimited charge items, with customized frequencies, means fast and accurate billing. Process automation enables you to produce batch invoices quickly.

Benefit Highlights

  • Provide on-the-spot receipting. Issuing a Receipt on the spot is a real convenience for those “walk in“ payments.
  • Create custom billing codes. Billing codes can be created to enable convenient, accurate billing for fees and services.
  • Invoices can be run in batches, rather than created record by record. Billing codes allow for multiple fees to be automatically applied, while still providing custom discounting where applicable (e.g. a family who receives a multiple child discount).
  • Link to ACS School Suite for tuition billing. Easily add ”customers“ directly in the module or from People or HeadMaster.
  • Name and Create as many different ”Revenue Centers“ as needed. You can tie these to the appropriate income accounts.
  • Billing frequency is also user defined, adding more flexibility to the system.
  • In addition, you can define your own aging periods…30 60 90, or some other range. Invoices can be quickly added, deleted, edited or set to as memorized.
  • Useful reports are available to print or view on screen. Some include: Aging Report; Customer Listing; Unapplied Payments, specific Billing Codes and Revenue Centers, and many more.
  • Statements can be printed using various options to determine which customers receive statements. Statements can be printed on plain paper or ACS forms.
  • Whether you’re running your Accounts Receivable on a Cash or on an Accrual basis, ACS Accounts Receivable is designed to meet your needs as an integrated complement to the ACS financial solution.
  • And much more…

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"ACS Accounts Receivable" is part of the ACS Financial Suite Software for Churches & Nonprofits line of products, developed by ACS Technologies.

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