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ACS Technologies

A developer of business management software designed for the non-profit sector.

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ACS Technologies is the leading provider of technology solutions for schools, churches, and other faith-based organizations. ACS Technologies was founded in 1978 and supports over 12,000 churches and organizations nationwide. ACS Technologies offers six product suites in order to meet its clients’ varied needs. From church management software to forms and supplies to professional Web consulting, ACS Technologies is prepared to meet the needs of any faith-based organization.

ACS Technologies Product Line Includes:

  • People Suite: People, Contributions, Organizations, Attendance, Reservations, Visitation, and Special Mailings to handle membership data.
  • Financial Suite: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, and Fixed Assets to handle every aspect of financial data.
  • Growth Suite: Volunteer Manager, Schedule Manager, Report Designer, Church Report, Church Growth Tools, and Mail Modules offer expanded features to further organizational growth.
  • School Suite: HeadMaster, HeadMaster Plus, HeadMaster Pro, ClassRoom Manager, and Automation Server to handle all needs of private schools.
  • Web Suite: ACS WebNetworks, ViewACS, WebACS, and ACS Web Sites to create and manage Web sites and control data online.
  • Services Suites: Support, Training, Central Services, Professional & Data Services, Consulting, and Research & Development to handle any organization’s special needs.

Our Commitment

ACS Technologies’ guiding commitment has always been to serve its clients by building long term relationships founded on trust, respect, and a thorough understanding of their needs. On average, our Client Support department serves 700 clients a day and personally communicates to over 18,000 people a month. Our success in how we care for our clients is proven by the fact that 70% of our clients have been using our software for longer than 3 years, 50% have been users for more than 5 years and nearly 20% for more than 10 years. We view ourselves and our services as an integral member of our client’s staff. Because of this, ACS Technologies continues to receive notable recognition for its outstanding dedication to and relationship with its clients.

Our Company

The ACS Technologies corporate team consists of over 300 professionals with the same vision: to serve faith-based organizations in the fulfillment of their missions with the highest quality software services and client support. With over 30 programmers and analysts, more than 80 support representatives, 85 certified trainers and national sales team members, ACS Technologies has the strength and stability of a 30 year old company with the innovation and determination of a new company. ACS has built a strong team of people who listen to our clients to understand what they need—and then we use the latest technology to address those needs. Our products are robust and flexible, and they’re backed with a steadfast commitment to service.

Empowering your vision. ACS Technologies.

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