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Lease Setup: PM2000 offers sophisticated lease management for all management types. Whether you’re managing commercial or residential properties, PM2000’s flexible lease creation and management system provides the tools necessary to successfully manage all tenant leases.

Unlimited Leases Per Tenant: PM2000 allows managers to establish an unlimited number of Leases per Tenant, billable separately or together. Users also have the option to setup Co-Tenant Leases, (Multiple Leases per Unit,) and Future Tenant Leases with a scheduled start date.

Deposits & Prepayments: Users can setup and track an unlimited number of deposit types, which could include Security or Pet Deposits. Special General Ledger Account handling is provided for each type of deposit set up in the system. Moveout Wizard makes use of this when applying Tenant Deposits and Prepayments to outstanding charges.

Track Rent Charges Due: The PM2000 Billing System automatically tracks the Balance Due and Payment history for all invoiced line charges. This can be reviewed and printed for Tenants and Owners on the fly.

Late Fee Assessment: PM2000 allows managers full control over Late Fee Assessment. Late fees can be calculated on the number of days delinquent, fixed amounts, and tiered rates. Fees can also be assessed on a rent due basis.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Lease Contracts:

"Lease Contracts" is part of the PM2000 line of products, developed by ACS Group.