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  • Intelligent Inventory Search helps you to find any inventory item instantly.
    • Find product by exact or partial match on PLU, Barcode, Vendor’s Product ID, Custom Search Criteria…
    • Or search by Department, Sub-Department, Sub-Category, Vendor, Brand, Location, Description or any combination thereof.
    • Define and Modify on-the-fly (in Inventory and Sales) your Search Criteria
    • Industry best and most powerful search by full, partial or multiple item description
    • Automatic Search activation at the data entry point (no need to go to a separate screen)
    • Refine Inventory Search with a Combination of multiple categories (Departments, Sub- Categories, Vendors)
    • Instantly Sort found products by Description, PLU, Vendor’s PLU and much more
    • Additional six (6) Inventory search Criteria
  • Add a picture to any item or item group.
    • These pictures appear on Sales and can be used for Touch Screen sales as well.
  • Inventory can be added on-the-fly from anywhere (Inventory, Sales, Purchases / Receiving, Worksheet)
  • Various inventory (Sale) types; Products, Bulk, Services, Gift Cards, Miscellaneous, Matrix
  • Multiple Bar Codes, Multiple Vendors (each with their own Product ID, Pack and Price) for each item
  • Multiple Inventory Categories and Departments
    • Unlimited Categories / Departments and Sub-Categories / Sub-Departments
    • Category Specific Options (Discounts, Taxes, Touch Screens)
    • Additional Four (4) Category groups (Brand, Vendor, Location)
  • Inventory History (Sales, Receiving, Transfers and Adjustments) with Details Graphical Information
  • Great Controls and Reporting of Inventory Write Offs and Adjustments.
  • Bar Code Labels Printing with an automatic internal Bar code generation for each Inventory Item
  • 100% Customizable Bar Code Labels Design
  • Inventory Count with Hand Held Scanning Integration, Data Import, option for a Date Freeze, Variance Analysis, History
  • Advanced Worksheet for Inventory Counts, Management, Analysis, Adjustments, Pricing and Additions)
  • Four (4) Dimensional Matrix, Serialized Inventory, Warranty Control, Lot Numbers, Kits, Assembly, Sale Follow-up Plans, Pack Breaks (Boxes to Units), Purchasing Packs or Multipliers, Per-Unit-Pricing, Shipping Measurements
  • Web Store Inventory Information (Can be used for an OPTIONAL Web Store Integration)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the ACE Retail 3000 line of products, developed by ACE Retail Management Systems.