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Accura Applications

A full ERP system designed by Accura Software.
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Proven Solution- Successfully implemented at hundreds of companies from fast growing startups to established companies with hundreds of millions in revenues and thousands of employees.

Fully Integrated Solution- All modules were developed by one company and are fully integrated with complete drill-around. An unlimited number of windows and reports from any module can be opened simultaneously.

Complete Customization Without Being Version Locked- Having implemented our products at hundreds of companies we know each one has unique needs. Our products were designed to be customized without making source code modifications which can force you to be stuck with an old version forever. Customization of every aspect of the system including database tables, reports, windows, business rules, and bi-direction integration to external systems.

Unlimited Scalability- Accura Applications modules scales easily from a few users to hundreds of users. Large number of existing modules and new ones being developed constantly. The deep functionality of each module can handle very complex business rules. Complete customization allows systems to evolve to your with needs.

FREE SQL Server Included- Accura Applications includes FREE Microsoft SQL Server (Microsoft Data Engine) which can be setup in minutes. This saves you thousands of dollar in software license and installation fees.

Flexibility To Use Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE Server, IBM DB/2, Sybase Server Database Management System

Accura Applications is one of the few vendors to offer customers the option of using a variety of database management systems (DBMS) to store their valuable data. If you have already invested in a DBMS you can leverage that investment. If future needs require a change in the DBMS you can do so without having to switch to new software, purchase new license, or incur implementation expenses. Accura Applications runs on ORACLE 8/9 (NT/UNIX/Linux), Microsoft SQL Server MSDE/7/2000, IBM DB/2 (NT/UNIX/Linux), or Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (NT/UNIX/Linux). Accura Software is committed to supporting other database platforms based on customer demand.

Proven Reliability Based On Proven Technology- In most organizations business applications are absolutely essential to daily operations. Accura Applications has been engineered meticulously for reliability and built using technology designed for mission critical systems. Our software is built using PowerBuilder 32-bit pure object oriented technology which has been used to build hundreds of thousands of applications around the world. We only support true SQL database management systems from Microsoft, Oracle, and Sybase.

Easy Installation- Accura Applications can be installed on the server in 10-minutes and requires absolutely no software to be installed on client workstations.

Best Price / Performance- Compare to systems costing 2 to 10 times more. When comparing Accura Applications modules to other products be sure to compare the actual functionality included as in many cases one of our modules is the equivalent to several modules in a competing product and competing products may require the use of 3rd party add-ons.

100% Customer Satisfaction (Try Before You Buy)- We visited every accounting software vendor on the internet who has a mid-range or high-end solution not a single one makes their software available for free download. Accura Software believes that a user has the right to see what they are buying so we make Accura Applications available for free download. If after reading the online help included with Accura Applications you have some questions please give us a call we are here to help.

Popular Functionality Modules

Sale/Purchase Tax Manages tax related processing for all transactions in the system. By making tax handling a separate component, new tax rules can be added easily.…

Human Resources Human Resources maintains detailed information on employees and applicants for positions. Information tracked includes positions held, employee reviews, benefits, events,…

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Automated system for handling a large volume of EDI ANSI x12 standard transactions between trading partners in a fully automated system. Receive and send various documents…

Employee H/R Portal Allows your employees to access and update their personal information using a web browser. Employees can review their own payroll, deductions, benefits, skills, and other H/R…

XML Integration Use the emerging XML standard to exchange information with trading partners over the internet. XML can also be used to exchange information with other internal information…

Complete Functionality Module List

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