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Acculytic was founded in 2011 to address the problems mid-sized businesses have with auditing their transactions & vendor files. With an emphasis on cash recovery, duplicate payments & duplicate vendor identification remains an area of focus for every organization. However our tools for improving AP do much more…

Large businesses typically reach out to 3rd party auditors that use highly sophisticated technology requiring on-site invasive procedures, and complex software to do more than mid-sized businesses want or need. Acculytic operates on a fixed fee basis and utilizes non-invasive SaaS technology to allow organizations to keep a close eye on their growing AP.​

A regular and routine assessment using Acculytic will help your business detect cash recovery opportunities, or prove that there are none, while providing the technology to continually monitor your AP system.​

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  • Acculytic

    An online AP audit solution designed by Acculytic.

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