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The AccuFund Forms/Reports Designer provides users with the capability to add and/or redesign reports in the AccuFund Accounting Suite. Gone is the frustration of working around canned reports and the Forms/Reports Designer using a template. A client uses the templates as a starting point. Each template has a view into the database, giving the user a list of fields and all the necessary links between the tables in which the relevant data is stored. Some accounting software vendors give you access to the data through third party report writers,but the user needs to define the relationships between files. This is beyond many peoples’ level of commitment; they just want the information, not to become a programmer.

The Forms/Report Designer is a graphical tool, allowing fields to be picked off a list forms that never quite give you the information for which you are looking, but is always split between several reports. Each AccuFund component has report and form templates that are specific to it. AccuFund gives each organization the ability to design check forms, purchase orders, receipts and reports the way it wants them. With a limited understanding of database and design concepts similar to advanced features in your spreadsheet product, a user can add and modify reports in each component of the system.

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"Reports/Forms Designer" is part of the AccuFund Accounting Suite line of products, developed by AccuFund.

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