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Designed for government entities such as municipalities and school districts, the AccuFund Property Tax Billing module allows the user to manage tax assessments for many different types of property, which are categorized as either real (land, buildings) or personal (automobiles, motorcycles, trailers).

Property Tax Billing allows you to download data from county, state or assessors’ records and maintain extensive information on properties and customers. Property tax payments are posted directly to a customer and can be integrated with utility billing. Tax payment activity is linked to customer information in the database, so you can ensure your records are correct. Most importantly, total data entry time is cut in half, allowing you to expedite delivery of tax bills.

The AccuFund Property Tax Billing module has an open format, which allows you to convert easily from another system, make alpha-numeric inputs and add data fields on-the-fly. Multiple assessments can be performed according to various tax values and tax years. Unlimited calculations are possible without performing additional programming, which means you can create calculations that are unique to your entity, such as surcharges and penalties.

A complete online history of tax activity can be maintained and linked to the customer database for the AccuFund Accounting Suite. As a result, you can perform all interest or penalties calculations on past year activity as well as current year.

Property Tax Billing can produce a report on any transaction or activity, and all the data in the database can be included. Quick Reports convert
what is on the screen to a report or export, sorted by any column. The Reports button runs any defined report for properties, tax activities and customers.

The Report/Forms Designer enables you to create customized statements, full-size 8 ½ x 11 letters ,
Set up detailed information for each property tax item.

The Tax Activity Screen lets the user see each step of the billing process beginning with estimated , through initial billing and to final billing.

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