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Used by county, district and municipal courts, the AccuFund Court Fines module tracks citations issued by law enforcement and the associated accounting, dispensation and reporting. Court clerks can save enormous amounts of time and end the practice of writing citation data in docket books, as the entire process — from when a citation enters the court system to when it’s remitted and the funds are disbursed — is completely automated. The only handwriting you need to do is sign the citation.

With the Court Fines module, you can pull up information on a particular citation immediately and not waste several minutes searching files or thumbing through the docket books. Entry to both a computer program and the docket book is no longer necessary, as the sophisticated Court Fines module maintains and sorts all the citation data and provides an electronic version of the docket book.

Using the Court Fines module, every step in processing a citation is simplified. You also save the time once spent trying to catch up on all the paperwork. The Court Fines module further helps you save on storage space, as the large and heavy docket books become an obsolete tool.

Additional Features

  • Violation types are user-definable and an unlimited number of violation types may be entered in the system.
  • Bail bonds can also be posted and tracked. * All officials involved with the citation can be identified, such as the police officer, judge, defense attorney and prosecutor.
  • Citations can be assigned one of four statuses: issued, bound over, adjudicated and dismissed.
  • Citation history is kept up-to-date and reflects any changes.
  • Images of the citations can be created via scanning and stored in the system.
  • Citations include a notes section and date every note entered.

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"Court Fines Management" is part of the AccuFund Accounting Suite line of products, developed by AccuFund.

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