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AccuFund Cash Receipts is the center point for receipts from all billing modules within the AccuFund Accounting Suite, including Accounts Receivable for non-profits and Utility Billing, Property Tax, Court Fines and Fees, Taxes and Licenses for government clients.

Cash Receipts allows you to apply cash, check and credit card payments for all types of receivables in one location. Credit card payments may include a convenience fee for transactions in which the credit card fee cannot legally be deducted from the amount due, such as with utility bills. Cash Receipts also allows you to enter any customer to get a list of all their outstanding items.

Miscellaneous cash receipts not related to a specific customer account, can simply be applied to a General Ledger account. These might include front counter pamphlet sales, emptying the soda machine or other miscellaneous cash items.

AccuFund Cash Receipts enables government entities and non-profit organizations to handle payment of all receivables and miscellaneous cash. You set up the organizations and individuals as customers, define the banks to which various receipts will be deposited and classify cash draws.

When creating a receipt for miscellaneous cash, Cash Receipts allows you to identify the bank and the account to which the amount is going and explain in the receipt’s description field what the cash is for, as well as identify the customer from whom the cash was received.

Two types of the cash receipt users are definable. They are “Back Office” and “Front Office”. For users receiving payments through the mail the “back office” allows the entry of the payment amount and then the application to various receivables. For users working at a counter the “front office” screen lets the user select the items to be paid and the total due is calculated. The user will then accept the cash, check or credit card payment.

To apply cash receipts to receivables, Cash receipts has a double-check icon that you click on for each receipt that is ready to be applied. When you click on “All,” the doublechecked receipts will be applied to the outstanding invoices, starting with the oldest. The order of the invoices to which the receipts will be applied can be changed to start with the newest. Invoices are listed in the lower ledger on the receipt screen so you are able to view them and see specifically which invoices will be credited. A/R credits can be created in Cash Receipts when a customer has pre-paid, over-paid or double-paid something by mistake. You can set up an A/R credit right on the cash receipt, which will distinguish the A/R credit from any cash credits that are also on the receipt.

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