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The AccuFund Accounts Payable component provides vendor invoice management and check writing functions. The module supports multiple checking accounts, 1099 information, and user definable laser check stock including full check production. Invoices payable are tracked for each checking account, allowing the user to forecast cash requirements.

The Accounts Payable component’s use of standard Windows functionality and a single screen interface make it easy for the users to accomplish their tasks. The component may be set up to post the Accounts Payable offset in each fund, and will automatically create the Due To/Due From transactions.

A variety of invoice reports are available for managing your payables, each of which may be customized for an organization’s specific needs through the Reports/Forms Designer. A vendor’s history may be viewed from the vendor record in the organization file and an entire history of payments, voids, etc. are tracked for each invoice.

Invoices may be entered as received, with the system tracking due dates for cash management and check processing. All AccuFund components provide direct look up of required fields including vendors and account numbers. With proper security a user may add vendors and GL account numbers on the fly.

Each invoice may be distributed to multiple accounts. Invoices or parts of invoices may be distributed to accounts using stored percentage distribution tables.

Other Features

  • Duplicate invoice entry is checked at the time of entry a warning message displayed if possible duplicate.
  • 1099 information is tracked for each invoice including how much of the invoice is to be included on the 1099
  • A vendor may be set to automatically pay each invoice on a separate check, or just an individual invoice may be marked to pay separately.
  • It is easy to do a partial payment on an invoice, just mark it for payment and indicate how much of it is to be paid. The invoice continues to be visible in the open invoices window but with a “P” to indicate that it has been partially paid.
  • The Organization file can track multiple addresses for a vendor. For the Accounts Payable component, it tracks a primary address and a “Pay To” address for vendors that want payments to go to a corporate office or bank lock box.
  • Recurring invoices may be stored and selected for processing based on reference and type fields, giving the user options when selecting for processing.

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"Accounts Payable" is part of the AccuFund Accounting Suite line of products, developed by AccuFund.

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