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MobileInt3 is a unique solution developed and provided by AccTrak21. MobileInt3 gives AccTrak21 users mobile access to their corporate database, allowing them to both retrieve relevant business information, and also to send updated reports to their sales teams on their mobile phones.

Made possible by the convergence of computers, Internet, telephony and wireless technologies, MobileInt3 puts business-critical information at users’ fingertips. Imagine the benefits of this functionality. By taking a cellular phone on a business trip, the user can obtain the up-to-the-minute status of their business transactions with the clients he is due to meet.

Users can be alerted instantly when a critical event occurs. Business users can reduce the risk of issuing bad checks by setting the AccTrak21 system to send a MobileInt3 alert whenever their bank account balance falls below a pre-defined threshold. Purchasing managers can receive a MobileInt3 alert when stock levels fall below a defined minimum level.

MobileInt3 provides new ways to enhance customer relations. Businesses can gain a competitive edge over their rivals by offering new and innovative services to the customers, such as sending delivery notices to the customers’ cellular phones.

Strengthen customer relationships by providing personalized services, like letting your sales team check on the status of orders, deliveries and payments anytime without being in the office premises. Your salespeople can also place orders for their customers from the customers’ office, using their mobile phones. Keep your sales team informed on their mobile phones at all times with reports on top selling items and their current sales data. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can broadcast SMS messages to your staff on their mobile phones.

MobileInt3 has as its foundation a solid suite of award-winning AccTrak21 Accounting and Business Intelligence applications. These were developed using advanced computer technologies and development tools such as SQL and Object-oriented Programming. AccTrak21’s sophisticated system includes BizInt Wizard - an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) component usually only available with very expensive high-end business applications.

MobileInt3 extends the business intelligence functionality of AccTrak21 BizInt Wizard enabling the delivery of its valuable business information via the wireless telephony network to the users’ cellular phones. With MobileInt3, users can be anywhere and still be in close contact with vital and up-to-date business information, thereby making them better, more effective decision-makers.

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