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In addition to all the normal features you would expect to find in a quality accounting software, AccTrak21 offers a full range of highly-functional and powerful financial management system designed to increase your profitability by enhancing your productivity.


System Manager (Management & Security)

Manage the security of your financial transactions and documents in AccTrak21 by controlling user access by company, function, module, screen and specific tasks like add/delete/email/print. You can set specific password for each function. There’s also access log and user-defined auto log-out.

Online Wizard

Context sensitive step-by-step training cards on how to use AccTrak21. Set your own pace and slash your learning curve with the “How Do I” instructions and “Getting To Know“ information using advanced interactive training methods.

General Ledger

Allows you to enter GL transactions, create recurring and reversing GL transactions, setup budget and customize your reports.

Accounts Payable

Accurately maintain details of your vendors and related purchase transactions. You can analyze your vendors with multiple categories, status and types that will assist you in managing your liabilities. Use the Vendor Invoice – Payment Reconciliation report to reconcile your outstanding invoices. You can choose to age your suppliers using the usual less than 30, 31-60, 61-90 days, 91-120 and greater than 120 days method or the flexible user-defined aging method.

Accounts Receivable

Allows you to record sales-related transactions and activities, generate finance charges, recurring billings and credit collection letter for customer overdue invoices. Analyze receivables and collections by periods, geographical area, customer categories, customer status, salesperson, etc. You can opt to print either open-item or brought forward customer statements. You can choose to age your debtors using the usual less than 30, 31-60, 61-90 days, 91-120 and greater than 120 days method or the flexible user-defined aging method.

Cash Management

Allows you to monitor and manage your business cash flow; payments from customers, payments to vendors and cash transfer in banks either on an ad-hoc basis or recurring basis. Manage payments to suppliers according to their due dates. Payments are grouped by suppliers and/or currencies and can be offset against the invoices at the same time.


Provides instant access and sharing of accurate online real time business information. There are more than 150 standard reports, selectable by various criteria, within or across accounting periods. Our comprehensive reporting system includes current / previous periods, year-to-date, budget, variance or percentage of variances.

Reports can be customize according to your business needs, viewed on-screen, printed, exported to your favorite spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Lotus and emailed directly from within AccTrak21 to any third party.

Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere

SQL Relational Database Management System that is best suited for the desktop to workgroup client-server architecture. It minimizes network traffic, eliminates lost data, speeds up processing, and provides high level of concurrency, security and flexibility.


Data Import/Export using AccTrak21 e-Bridge™ makes importing/exporting data to/from AccTrak21 more convenient. AccTrak21 e-Bridge helps simplify the process, making integration of AccTrak21 with other software much easier and faster. It includes components to enable the migration of data from other popular accounting software packages into AccTrak21.


AccountantKit enables accountants/auditors to create any necessary adjustment journal entries for their clients from their own offices. Changes made by the accountants/auditors are then e-mailed to the client, who upon accepting the suggested changes, is able to upload changes to the “live” database by a simple click of the mouse.

e-Document Viewer

e-Document Viewer, enables users to view AccTrak21 reports in their original format, without the need to run the AccTrak21 application. It is the best tool for your partner or customer to view your business documents electronically and for your directors to view your financial reports remotely.

Remote Access Kit (RAK)

Enables remote users, such as the accountants, support providers, and users themselves to access AccTrak21 remotely by utilizing Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Remote users can perform any function or analysis, subject to the access permission set by you. You will then be able to observe the activities of remote users on your computer and vice-versa.


Fixed Assets

Provides one-stop venues for any asset information; purchase cost, depreciation method, capital improvements, maintenance, and disposal values, even periodic depreciations are updated.


Allows unlimited number of currencies and unlimited rates per currency to be maintained. Automatic calculation of gains and losses made when making payments in a foreign currency. Calculates unrealized gains and losses. Inquiry screens and reports allow you to view transactions and balances in local currency and transaction currency.

Group Consolidation

Consolidate parent and subsidiaries financial statements with auto-offset of inter company trading.

Online Banking

Online Banking allows users to undertake their banking activities and other financial transactions, including receiving and paying bills and downloading account information from AccTrak21.

Compliant to Open Financial Exchange (OFX)/International Financial Exchange (IFX) standards, Online Banking application allows you to communicate and download transactions such as bank statements, inquire, send messages and request for stopped check from multiple financial institutions and bill publishers in a centralized area within AccTrak21. You can also request your bills online, instruct your bank(s) to make payments and transfer funds between accounts. Audit trail of online bank requests are also provided.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Set the components for Bill of Materials for production purpose or assembly of Finished Goods. BOM functionality is also integrated with AccTrak21 Manufacturing application.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Financial:

"Financial" is part of the AccTrak21 line of products, developed by AccTrak21.