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AccTrak21 CRM module is fully integrated with its award-winning accounting and business intelligence software, and is designed to provide users with the tools to effectively collate, share and analyze vital customer information.

The key to an effective CRM application is a seamless integration to the front end office, used by staff in their daily tasks, with the back end office, which is the company’s accounting database and processes. AccTrak21 achieves this by integrating its accounting back end with the most commonly used front office tools - Microsoft® Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook®.

AccTrak21 CRM works by first capturing information relating to your customers and prospects. Such information can relate to “Events”, that is financial transactions, non-financial transactions and any form of contact (phone, letter, fax, e-mail, tasks and appointments) the company has with the customer, and to “Properties”, that is, distinguishing characteristics of your customers such as nature of business, their industry segment, their size, or any other properties you would like to define and capture.

By categorizing customers according to the criteria that make most sense to the business, for example, nature of business, industry segment, size of business, etc, and by using AccTrak21’s pre-configured OLAP cubes, the business will be able to gain greater levels of insight into key customer trends and behaviors, as well as how effectively the company deals with its customers.

Properties Setup

Allows you to setup your customers and prospects with multiple contacts. Create and maintain detailed customers and prospects profiles by categorizing your customers and prospects by key customer groups or segments.

Events Setup

Offers unlimited ways of segmenting non-financial activities relating to your customers and prospects. Control access to edit customers’ and prospects’ non-financial activities saved from Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel for security purposes.

Customer Center

View your customer/prospect’s non-financial information such as contact details, company information and related events. You can also view your customer financial information such as the aging analysis of the customer account, credit information including terms, limit and credit available or the customer’s latest payment and purchase records. Study your customer’s purchasing trends by analyzing their top purchases.

Consolidate and centralize customer news, records, letters, product information, proposals, sales and service reports from Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel into one central location and thus ensuring all users are viewing updated complete information and avoids costly record duplication.

Customer Analysis

Analyze sales trends, patterns and statistical information of your customer. Cross-analyze the impact of properties and events on your actual sales. Export to Excel for further presentation of this analysis.

Customer Reports

AccTrak21 CRM comes with integrated Business Intelligence tools using Online Analytical Processing feature, OLAP to enable you to undertake sophisticated analysis of your customers and prospects.

The tools can be used in a variety of ways; analyze events, for example complaints, enquiries or support cases, by region, and this information can be further broken down by customer and prospect categories, and also down to individual customers and prospects.

You can also analyze non-financial information relating to your customers and prospects, such as industry segment, nature of business, size of business, etc. Managers can use this to better understand key trends affecting different customer segments.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with CRM:

"CRM" is part of the AccTrak21 line of products, developed by AccTrak21.