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A developer of business management software.

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Founded in 1992, AccTrak21 provides accounting and business intelligence software of the highest quality to the global Small to Medium Business sector.

AccTrak21 software comes with fully integrated business intelligence features, enabling users to undertake sophisticated analysis of their business performance. This analysis capability, unique in an accounting system at the Small to Medium Business sector, enables business managers and trusted advisers to identify clearly and promptly, factors which steers their cost and margin.

The accounting profession worldwide recognizes that traditional accounting services are becoming commodity services, with obvious implications for the market price of such services. Too many accountants are working long hours on lowly paid compliance work for their clients. A natural solution is for the firm to seek to increase revenues earned from existing clients by offering value-added services that the firm’s staff are well positioned to offer.

As such, AccTrak21 offers a powerful value proposition that empowers CPAs to move up the value chain. The business intelligence tools in AccTrak21 facilitate the provision of more extensive and more relevant business consulting services, at a higher margin fee rate. The end result is more successful clients, more revenues per client, increased rates of client retention and more motivated / successful accounting staff.

With a customer base that spans over 20 countries around the world, continuous efforts are being made to appoint Business Partners for territories covering USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Indonesia, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Philippines, China, and Sri Lanka.

AccTrak21 Accounting and Business Intelligence software received 5-star reviews in the CPA Software News on 5 occasions; April 1999, April 2000, November 2001, November 2002, the most recent in its January 2003 high-end accounting review.

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