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AccountMate 8.2 for LAN

A full accounting software system designed by AccountMate Software for startups and small organizations.
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AccountMate 8.2 for LAN is the award-winning fully modifiable financial information solution that enables your business to achieve greater success through smart integrated business management systems. Ideal for companies that require an affordable system able to support dozens of users simultaneously, AccountMate 8.2 can be customized quickly and easily via access to its underlying “source code” to fit the way you run your business.

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN is modular in design, so your company only needs to purchase the functions that are currently required. You can add other modules later as your business evolves. The fifteen modules for AccountMate 8.2 provide real-time functionality that economically equips your business with the power and performance needed to stay competitive. All modules integrate with one another, enabling you to get a real-time understanding of the financial picture of your company without complicated routines. Numerous enhancements crafted by independent software developers are available to provide additional functionality to your system.

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN also integrates directly with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM), inventory management, and reporting products, including Microsoft® Office, Goldmine® and Crystal Reports®. AccountMate 8.2 is extremely user-friendly, so your employees can be up and running quickly and efficiently after a brief training cycle.

AccountMate 8.2 offers a wealth of powerful features including multilingual capabilities, transaction rollback, drill-down analysis, and graphical presentations of inventory items. You can also create your own custom reports using either F9™ or Crystal Reports to deliver mission-critical data that will keep your business competitive.

Popular Functionality Modules

System Manager AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s System Manager is the control center for the entire Visual AccountMate system and must be installed in order to run all the AccountMate…

Lot Control With AccountMate’s Lot Control module, you can add the power of a complete lot control system to your Inventory Control. You have the ability to track units of…

Kitting This module enables you to track items as they are sold either individually or as components of a kit, allowing you to make sound and up-to the minute inventory management…

Consolidated Ledger AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Consolidated Ledger brings easy-to-use, Windows-based features to financial consolidations, allowing you to quickly combine each AccountMate…

General Ledger AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s General Ledger gives you maximum control in managing all of your accounting transactions. You can set up and maintain their chart of accounts,…

Complete Functionality Module List

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